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The good housewife

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Rough thrust 

Deep skull 

Arms back 

Tongue out 

I can’t breath 

I’m on my knees 

I wish you could do it harder 

My imagination spinning 

This is what I want from you

I smile sweet 

Sit on your couch 

Kiss your feet 

Wishing your hands 

were around my neck 

Choking me out 

While you get in deep 

In my head your making me scream 

I’m sobbing and ga...

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Let’s sail away 

Till the night becomes day

The waves rocking us 

Lost in a sea of lust 

The sheets pulling tight

Against the flurry 

Give me all of your might 

I like it dirty 

Navigate through this storm

Your cock is an anchor 

find it somewhere warm 

If your looking for treasure 

in my wet mouth 

your anchor feels pleasure 

Ocean waves spilling all over...

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Put down your bow and arrow 

Retract your claws 

The prey don’t matter anymore

They give you no pause  

Let them run around  

I hear the pitter patter clacking sounds 

But I have this fresh kill laying on the ground 

It’s the tastiest piece of meat I’ve ever found 

I’ll take it raw 

I’ll take it now 

Make me roar

Make me growl 

I’m seduced by the sight 

This ...

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Page turner


Like reading a good book

I can’t stop turning your pages

What will this next chapter hold

Action, romance, comedy

I want to remove the layers between us

Page by page 

The anticipation is killing me

I place my hands on each of your knees 

I can’t wait to read you 

Uncover the truth 

Your body speaks so eloquently

I savor this beautiful book of art

This engro...

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My body just inches above yours

gaze into your eyes, your soul

I have questions and concerns 

kiss the top of your collar bone 

place you between my legs 

relax slowly 

experience every part of you filling me

feel expanded and complete 

utterly overjoyed 


savor this 

love how you feel inside me 

Heart touching heart 

Kiss your chest 

Touch your hair


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Sweetheart I'm sitting at sip savoring scones 

Silly seductions swirling in my subconscious 

Certainly satisfied by sex with my suitor

Seeing his salty sweet soul spiraling 

I secure it steadfastly  

sinking my softest kisses into his skin

The sexual stress strengthens 

Surrender soldier

I'll satisfy you sufficiently 

Siphon and suck until your spent 

I'll s...

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Ionic bond

My ionic bond 

You’re metal and I’m not

Hold us together

Let’s form a lattice 

Feel the electrostatic attraction 

Let’s exchange ions

and unite in strength 

They freely flow back and forth 

Break and form 

This compound is complex 

Discover a new element 

Let’s name it after us

What a unique a beautiful creation

Is it gentrified prostitution 

Or an over th...

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