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Don’t escape from the truth!

Escape the lies!

A truth can be bitter,

A lie can be sweet.

Do you think sweet lies are better?

It depends.

I sometimes accept the one who pretends.

But…I always appreciate the one

Who intends to be sincere.

That one for me is so dear.

Escape a betrayal!

That one can be even a royal.

Escape the dirt!

For me i...

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I Will Escape From You

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I will escape from the one I dislike.

My psych doesn’t need a strike.

I will better take a bike

And will go for a ride

Somewhere out of your site

To see the world wide noontide.

I don’t want to confide the one who lied.

Meeting with you was a misguide.

I will not allow you to deride my pride.

I will decide myself how to reside.

And I will not backsl...

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Where To Escape?

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You are running ahead

 Instead of thinking where.

Your heart is beating at a crazy speed,

 It has it’s own flair.

You are swallowing salty drops of tears,

You do not hear the jeers,

You do not feel the rain

But only the unfair pain.

Hurts tear your soul apart.

Who cares about your broken heart?

You want to scream, even to roar,

You can’t stand t...

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I will escape from the built-up city

To the countryside,

Where all around are so pretty

And the fields are green and wide.

I will escape from the traffics and smog

To the nature’s lyrics and a croaking frog.

I will escape from concrete and power lines

To the breathtaking lights and signs,

To the place where field bells  ring

And free birds  merrily sing...

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