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Don’t escape from the truth!

Escape the lies!

A truth can be bitter,

A lie can be sweet.

Do you think sweet lies are better?

It depends.

I sometimes accept the one who pretends.

But…I always appreciate the one

Who intends to be sincere.

That one for me is so dear.

Escape a betrayal!

That one can be even a royal.

Escape the dirt!

For me it’s such a hurt.

For someone it’s normal,

They think it’s just formal.

Escape those who pretend to be friends!

They do not like to shake hands,

They care only about themselves,

Haven’t heard about twelve apostles.

They want you to be accustomed to lies,

They don’t want you to realize the truth.

They are confused when they hear it.

They won’t like you to be at your ease,

They would like your mind to freeze.


I know, it’s so easy to advise.

But …I would like everyone to realize

Where the truth is,

Where the lies are.

It’s often so difficult to find a compromise,

To see the truth, to see the lies.

To see the difference

Between those two  concepts

Everyday, everyone accepts.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska

May 25th, 2011


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<Deleted User> (8730)

Thu 26th May 2011 09:48

We have both escaped the dirt

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