Into The Fire

You've always been cold,

I claimed you used to have a heart of Gold but in reality your soul is as black as coal and you've been using it as fuel since I was born.  

You took me for a fool years ago and it took me this long to understand your lies we're nothing but empty promises to pass the time.

You're a con artist,
A professional snake.
A manipulative genius,
Pinocchio without a fucking nose.

You tricked your own blood.
You said you were going to change at least 10 times and now I'm out of fingers.

Now I just ball up a fist thinking about the bullshit that comes out your mouth.

On Facebook talking about how your family abandoned you and how your kids gave up on you and how amazing your life is now that we're in the rear view,
fuck you.

Your such a bitch it's hard not to laugh after the pain resided.

You abused your family that stood by your side and we took it blindly with unconditional love because we saw a light in you that was never there and every time we lit a match you blew it out you loved suffering and that you cannot deny.

Once you got a glimpse of peace you tossed it in the closet with all your other skeletons your conscience is a burial ground.

You never held funerals for your dark past you let it grow to gardens of weeds.

You blamed your actions on things we tried to heal,
you never spoke out and when we started asking questions you lashed out because when the truth was exposed you went havoc.

You seemed to panic,
I found out you destroyed my mom piece by piece behind closed doors and when they opened I witnessed a secret life.

Fake smiles and a happy wife it was all a fake.

But I don't blame my mother for keeping your name held high,
She wanted me to have a father in my life and I'm sure you still think it's her fault that I fucking hate you because you blame everyone else but yourself and you call yourself a "man."

A real man doesn't lie to protect his pride,
A real man doesn't treat any lady like a piece of shit especially his fucking wife.
A real man owns up to his wrong doings instead of lying to the face of a Judge in court about the violent upbringing of a restraining order that she lost and all she wanted was solid safety.

You are everything I despise in a person and I'm here to spread the truth that you're a senseless animal.

You seem to believe your a lone wolf stalking the sheep but you're the fucking deer staring at the headlights on the street and if you ever harm my family again it'll be hunting season.

Say as you will,
Tell your fairy tales as loud as you want,
Once Upon A Time you think people give 2 fucks?

"I got lawsuits coming to your mom."
"Alena ain't my daughter I wouldn't say that if I was wrong."

Ignorant dumbass the DNA came back positive but you were so positive she wasn't yours.

Good luck coming back from that Harry Dunne,
Never mind, it's Lloyd Christmas cause he's as dumb as you.

A lot of family are pissed at me for shitting on your name because you fed them fraudulent food.

You left their belly's full that everyone is to blame except you and they got fooled.

Used them as tools and now they're saying there's more to the story than what we've read.

What else did you add Allen?

No wait, let me guess, you cried saying my mom left and gave all her attention to a woman.

Or are you just pissed that you can't be in control so you said we all left you in the dust?

Did you tell them that we pushed you out because we're just assholes and it's all about us?

I bet you didn't tell them I was there for you till the fucking end huh?

I was there when I had to pick you up drunk at the sports bar losing your damn mind.

I was there for you when you tried putting a bullet in your head and went to a mental institution for 3 days.

You stayed with me for 2 weeks to get fucking straight and I didn't even hesitate to help you.

I was the one that forgave you first on Easter 2013 when you went berserk and threatened to fuck me up and the next day we were eating lunch another empty apology that I soaked up.

I was the only one that helped you move with that crazy bitch you call a wife 2 fucking times because you kept changing your mind but there I was dealing with your shitty attitude and packing up boxes.

The final straw was one where you deliberately lied. Pulled me aside and said we we're going to be a family again and you we're going to change your broken side.

You sounded serious this time.
So convinced I took your word for everything.

You didn't even last a year and you just disappeared on fucking new years eve before 2017.

Watched my little sister cry asking why did Dad leave again everything was fine.

And that was when my blind loyalty was stacked with explosives.

Ever since then I've had a Vendetta against your existence I don't even want you breathing.

Only so much I could take and you have the audacity to say I never stood up for you.

I secretly hated you but just maybe a miracle would arise so I still stuck around until my mom was diagnosed with PTSD and actually feared for her life because of you.

And then those explosives blew and now here we are.

I haven't seen or heard in you directly in 7 months but I'm patiently waiting for you to start your petty games like you always do.

I dream of the day you come at me face to face and I'm ready you son of a bitch.

I have so much fucking rage I can't even begin to explain how much I want you to suffer for all that you did these past 19 years.

You always portray yourself as the victim I'll  give you your wish.

You're a cheat,

You're a little bitch with a little dick ego,

You're a pathetic child living in a twisted fantasy.

You're nothing but the shit under my shoes,
A worthless pitiful liar,

And if I ever catch you near my mother again,
I'll throw you into the fucking fire.


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