Half Of You

Half of you just stop giving a fuck.  

And half of you pretend.  

You'll deny the fact that you're too young to hurt this much and reply with "fuck it right."

"That's what society has taught us right?"

"If you close your goddamn eyes then your blind  right?"

But no,
You're not listening.  

I give you my advice but you keep chugging that whiskey.  

Think you're too broken for fixing holy shit you're only 16 put the addictions down figure out what's missing but you just tell me lies.  

Acting like you're a cat with 9 lives.  

So damn surprised when people call you out on the drinking problems and depressive signs and you go on the defensive side

Listen mother fucker we're trying to help you alright?

But you'll just roll those eyes.  

Take another shot
"Shut the fuck up man I'm fine."

Y'all act like I don't know from experience.  

We close our doors like we're the only ones that have felt this before.  

Born so different it's a different kind of torn.  

You're not alone quit saying that you are.  
There's a fine line between feeling it and actually being it.

And it's okay to feel.  

That shows you're real.  

It's okay to fall into the deep end but you need to learn how to swim before you drown yourself with Ginn.

Kids binge on the drugs and booze like adults do when their life falls apart but our lives just started.  

We shouldn't be dealing with broken hearts and physical scars but here we are.  

Marijuana circle,
Beer pong,
"Change the song"

Anyone got that purple?  

So eager to grow up children getting locked up in prisons charged as an adult.  

My gang is my family
Yet your mom is at home wondering where she went wrong.

Get roughed up with people twice your age,
Drive by shootings because at 13 you want to get paid



Blood money,

You got dirt on your hands son,
And you can't wash it off.  

When you dance with the Devil the pain never stops.  

But look at you, you never did go to prom.  
While your classmates walked the line you crossed it and now you're behind those bars.  

At age 21 you'll be drinking at those bars.  

Luke warm water and you used to think your life was hard.  

And I have never been there,
And half of you won't but the other half will.  

And I hope you fix your damn life cause this shit is pathetic.  

We have petty ass reasons and excuses of why we can't be happy but we're just making our noses grow.  

Feeling that we're so low but we've got up from worse shit before.  

"You're just tired of it?"

Then fucking sleep.  

"You've given up?"

I better see your ass tomorrow chin up and smiling.  

I won't let my neighbors and loved ones fall thinking they don't have shit I am here to remind you you're a badass mother fucker.  

I have been down this road.  
I know where it goes.  

You keep going 130 mph the pavement ends and down the cliff is where you'll go.  

It's OKAY to be sad.  
It's OKAY to hurt.  

But to give up I simply won't stand by.  

And half of you will say "You don't know what I have been through.  What I have seen and done."

And the other half will just listen until I'm done.  

And frankly, I don't give a shit.  

I honestly don't care what happened to you,
Or why you're so lost.  

You're job is to find yourself no matter how long it takes and all I care about is how your leading up to that point.  

In all reality, we decide how we feel.
Like the gym we can build our minds stronger.  

You can choose to be miserable.  
Or you can choose to go search for your happiness.  

Half of you have already denied this.  
Half of you have already started.  

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