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The Last Day Of Winter

It’s the last day of Winter
Feels a lot like mid Spring
Crocus and daffodils in bloom
Snowdrops are fading 

Warm sun on my face
Shines bright in a cloudless blue sky 
We made it though Winter
Another season passed by

Out in the garden
Sights and sounds of Spring fill the air
We celebrate with a cup of tea 
And a chocolate eclair 

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Winter tidy up in the garden
A friendly Robin came along
Dining on bugs and worms from fresh soil
Entertaining us with his song 

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Snow Moon

The snow moon slowly rises
Ruskin’s View is calm and still
Skeleton trees reflected
Sunset glow rests on the hill

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Fairy Penguins Find Friendship

I can only hope, pray and dream
that this wonderful story is true
I want to believe that penguins
care for each other, as good friends do

An award winning photograph
of two penguins who meet every night
Just standing together for hours
admiring the distant skyline light

An older female and a young male
both lost the one, they held most dear
In grief they comfort each other
sharing t...

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The Treasure Map

We have a plan and a virus to beat
Data not dates, many targets to meet

Follow the path and stay on the right track
Keep pushing forward, don't want to go back

Not set in stone, we may change direction
Our hope is pinned on the vaccination

We have a treasure map, there are no clues
X marks the spot where you will find good news

In five weekly blocks, March, April and May
Right thr...

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A Winter Walk To Whittington

A Winter walk to Whittington
Good to feel the sun on my skin
Although it's still February
Signs of Spring are creeping in

Birds of prey circle overhead
And birdsong carries on the breeze
Across the quiet country lanes
Shadows cast from hedges and trees

The sight and sound of new born lambs
Protective bleats from new mothers
The occasional daffodil
Soon to be met by many others

A ...

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The Long And Winding Road

The long and winding road
The time we went without 
A journey filled with tears
Seeking a way out
On this road for a year
Full of fear and doubt

The long and winding road
Leading us far away
Directions plain and clear
Mapping out the way 
Promising hope and cheer 
For a brighter day

For the times I've been alone
And many times I've cried
And you will never know
How many tears I’...

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It's A Sin

How wonderful was "It's A Sin"
The best drama on TV for years
I looked forward to it every week
Knowing I would end up in tears

Set in 1980's London
Reminds us of how life used to be
The time when news was spreading fast
About a new virus, HIV

The story of five eighteen year olds
Sharing their home, the pink palace flat
Living wild, free and playing around
The fear of Aids put a sto...

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Lockdown Patience

I must confess my lockdown patience is wearing thin
I would share my frustrations but don't know where to begin

Instead I thought I should try to make a fresh new start
I realised, I didn't have the motivation or heart

I should make the effort, shake off my worries and doubt
Pretend lockdown is over and we are free to go out

I dig out my Christmas gift for a pampering treat
A selectio...

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During this troubled past year
charities have all lost out
Events cancelled and shops closed
many millions lost no doubt

I tried to raise money
selling my book and crafty things
Supported by many
who bought my brooches and keyrings

I made butterflies and hearts
for the NHS I made flowers
Making needle felted gifts
I spent many lockdown hours

I take fluffy woolly fibres
working t...

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Rooks Roosting

Rooks roosting in the bare bones of a tree

Inky clouds blot the Winter sky

A cool evening sunset scene

Captured by a photographer passing by


Photo credit Robin Ree

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Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team

On 6 February, during a rescue, a member of Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was very seriously injured following a 150 metre fall. His injuries are life-changing and this fund is to provide the support he will need for the rest of his life. https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Chris-Lewis-Sup


Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team
on standby every night and day
Answering calls from those in dist...

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Photo credit AndrewKaySculpture.com

Rusty, the red, rural fox
tiptoes around the lake
Startled by a passer by
he does a double take

Ears pricked, always alert
aware of the slightest sound
Ready to take his leave
and find safety underground

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Toro Bravo

Inspired by this beautiful picture shared by local artist AndrewKaysculpture.com. Take a look at his fabulous website and creations. 


He is born from old stock

From fighters in the past

Sturdy, strong, spirited

Stubborn and standing fast


Built from the strong stuff

Toro Bravo is his name 

Feisty, fierce, fearless

No man will ever tame 

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15 Million

Another day in lockdown
another milestone passed today
Fifteen million vaccinations
in just ten weeks to this day

When my turn comes around
I would pay for my vaccination
How much would be considered
a reasonable donation

How much would I ever pay
to keep my loved ones safe and well
One pound or two, five or ten
maybe a hundred who could tell

I wonder if there are others

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Still There

If like me, this Monday
you are feeling a little blue
Here is a little reminder
to bring some cheer to you

They are still out there
those places you long to go
They are still out there
all those loved ones you miss so

They are still out there
all those things you love to do
They will still be there
when lockdown is over too


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Love Is Forever..... Not Just Valentines Day

Hooray, hooray it's Valentines Day
A thousand ways to show that you care
A hundred ways to say those three words
Time to celebrate the love you share

Hooray, hooray it's Valentines Day
Love is in the air and all around
Songs of love play on the radio
Everywhere signs of love can be found

Hooray, hooray it's Valentines Day
A day filled with love, hearts and flowers
A special time to e...

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Last Summer I Was A Rainbow

Last Summer I was a rainbow
a thank you for the NHS
You may have seen me on holiday
on a night dressed to impress

Sometimes I am my garden
a bright rainbow on a rainy day
At Christmas I become a reindeer
for my seasonal display

In years gone by I was my dog
on occasions my family
Sometimes I added a banner
to show support for charity

I was a snowy mountain
I have been a tropical...

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Green Eyed Monster

I can’t help feeling cheated
I am green with envy too
Seeing others having fun
When I have nothing to do

Those beautiful photographs
They are everywhere I look
On the news, in the paper
Images shared on Facebook 

Those pretty, perfect pictures
Those scenes broadcast on TV 
They feel like another world
They are alien to me 

This week I have been blessed
With sunny days and skies ...

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just for fun

Legging It

Legging it through this long tunnel
A glimpse of light I yearn to see
It is claustrophobic dark, damp
The dripping water tortures me

Moving forward slow, step by step
Staring up at the black ceiling 
I lose perspective of time, space
Panicked by the fear I’m feeling

Tired and exhausted I stop
I search for that pinprick of light
Should I turn back or carry on
Is the end of this tunne...

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Too Little Too Late

Where are they all coming from
Where are they all going to
Why do they need to travel
What do they all need to do

Finally, ten months too late  
New rules coming in to place
To stop importing new strains
New laws travellers now face

If your country is on the list
It's ten days in a covid hotel
If you lie and break these new rules
It's ten years in a prison cell

From one extreme t...

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Little Pots Of Hyacinth

Little pots of hyacinth
a symbol of nearing Spring
Tall stems of star like flowers
a heady, sweet scent they bring

They come in many colours
dusky pink to cobalt blue
White, cream, yellow, apricot
every shade of purple hue

Little pots of hyacinth
vibrant against cloudy grey
Sitting on my window sill
brighten up this Winter day

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The Greatest Show

Last night I watched on TV
Musicals The Greatest Show
Filmed at the Palladium
a couple of weeks ago

The orchestra played on stage
music to melt my heart
Singers performed from the stalls
distanced two metres apart

The great stars of the West End
took turns under the spotlight
The songs I know well and love
made an emotional night

It was The Greatest Show
it was wonderful to see

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The Parish Council Meeting

Due to current Covid restrictions, Handforth Parish Council meeting was held on zoom
Present committee members gathered virtually, from the comfort of their living room

Jackie Weaver had been asked to host and given a position of seniority
Some councillors were abusive, rudely declared, she held no authority

She kept calm and in control, of the Handforth Parish Council meeting on zoom

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The Cross

This cross lies in St Mary’s churchyard

Weathered by wind and rain 

Carvings eroded over the years 

No dates or names remain 


Little snowdrops appear in winter

To guard this resting place

To watch over whoever lies here

With sympathetic grace

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Jack Of All Trades

Shuffle the deck and split into two
Pull out a card, any old card will do

Look at the card but don't let me see
I know this card has the same face as me

The Jack of spades, not a King or Queen
No ace high, low or number in between

No ace to play, never number one
I'm the Jack of all trades, master of none

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Feeling Blue?

Today I was wondering
does anyone out there know
Why we say we feel blue
when we are feeling sad and low

When I am feeling sad
find it hard to see the light
I feel dark and gloomy
black as the longest night 

When I am feeling low
and sadness fills my day
I feel dull and moody
like leaden skies of grey

Why do we say we feel blue
does anyone out there know
It seems I feel black a...

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The Lovebirds

I have a couple of new visitors 

They come to my garden each day

Mr and Mrs Bullfinch

A welcome and colourful display


They perch outside my kitchen window 

I could sit and watch them all day long

My own pair of lovebirds

So lucky to have them come along 

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Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day

Captain Tom said "tomorrow will be a good day"
today this promise came true
We passed a milestone of ten million jabs today
infection rates are falling too

If we keep moving forward on this pathway
the good news will continue 
His promise that "tomorrow will be a good day"
will continue to come true too

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A New Vaccine

I am calling for a new vaccine, a national effort I do command
To improve the health and lives of every person across the land

The vaccine has added benefits, recent tests have proven to show
To boost some personal qualities, see the comprehensive list below

Astute, considerate, positive, kind, honest, loyal and thoughtful
Strong, resilient, practical, reliable, hard-working and respectfu...

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Captain Sir Tom

Last years poem which I adapted into a get well message. I have just seen the sad news about his passing. I will leave my poem here as a tribute. 

What a legend Captain Sir Tom has become
The hearts of all our nation he has won
To walk a hundred laps was his only goal
At 100 years old, it should have taken its toll
But Captain Sir Tom took it all in his stride
Filling isolated days with ch...

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Quantity Over Quality (Now There Lies A Question)

Inspired by comments on my blog yesterday, thanks JD and Aviva

A daily poetry blog I like to write
In verses that are light and bright
I try to compose lines that rhyme
Quantity over quality is my crime

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The First Of February Part 2

Just seen this lovely photo taken by Mr Robin Ree which inspired a little write, in addition to my earlier post. This photo just had to be shared. 

The first day of February 

New born lambs leap and play

A wonderful sight to see

A sign that spring is on its way

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The First Of February

I know it is only Monday
Many will be suffering the blues
On this first of February
May I remind you of good news

January is finally over
Now behind us and in the past
February lies before us
Spring is approaching very fast

Only four weeks of Winter
Four Mondays til Spring is here
A time for new beginnings
My favourite season of the year

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