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What Matters Is

It does not matter
if we choose to dismiss it
if we do not believe it is true
It does not matter
If we feel no threat or danger
if we think it is just like the flu

It does not matter 
if we prefer not to see it
if we switch off the daily news
It does not matter
if we select not to hear about it
if we hold our own beliefs and views

It does not matter 
how we describe it
there is n...

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One Rabbit Or Two

Is this a photo of two rabbits
one looking west one looking east
looking out for predators
on the hunt for a lunch time feast 
Is this a rabbit with two heads
as seen with your own two eyes
it is said that seeing is believing
and that the camera never lies

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just for fun

The Visitors

A friend had two visitors

come to her garden today

Peeping over a stone wall

trying their best to hide away


They wear a slate grey coat 

they are masters of disguise 

Spotted amongst the trees

no hiding those big black eyes


Oblivious to her presence 

unaware they can be seen

A unique photo opportunity 

perfectly framed in evergreen


Photo credit Sh...

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Mr Shouty And Little Miss Pouty

Every morning at 6.30
I switch on my TV
Monday to Wednesday
they are live on GMB

His name is Mr Shouty
he is loud with a lot to say
She is Little Miss Pouty
she is perfect in every way

They make a TV couple
often with different views
Tackling current topics
discussing the daily news

Like a dog with a bone
Mr Shouty can't let things go
Little Miss Pouty sits saintly
under her v...

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just for fun

A Dark Day

Today we passed a milestone
Alas not one for celebration
The day 100,000 Covid deaths
Was recorded across our nation

Too much suffering and loss
A year of pandemic misery
This moment we will remember
A dark day marked in history

Seasons of sadness and grief
Months of heartache and pain
We will never forget these times
In our memory they will remain

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Trees That Now Span The River

The raging force of the River Lune

as storm Christoph reached his peak

On the verge of being swept away

the river bank left ravaged and weak


Weather beaten, battered, torn down

ripped from their roots in the squall

The old trees that now span the river

once stood deep rooted, strong and tall

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Red Robins are like buses
I wait patiently each day
When I least expect them
in pairs they come my way

They come in to my garden
never resting in a good spot
I try to get a great photograph
never getting the perfect shot

I think they come to tease me
flashing their feathered chest
All I want is a snowy photo 
of a Robin and his red breast

Photo credit to Mr Robin Ree as I couldn'...

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just for fun

Hours Of Fun

The key ingredients

that make up a simple recipe

A sunny winters day

shared with friends and family 


A clear blue sky 

add a little warmth from the sun 

A dusting of snow

the perfect mix for hours of fun

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just for fun

Like Snowdrops We Should Be

New shoots emerge
the first ones of the year
A welcome reminder
that Spring is almost here

A single bell of white 
on a fragile stem of green
In sheltered spots
is where they can be seen

Tender little flowers
stand up to Winter weather
Strong and sturdy
yet as delicate as a feather

A single white flower
which multiply and spread
A symbol of hope
promise better days ahead


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Snowy Walk

We set out early this morning
in the misty and grey daylight
A walk on a snowy winters day
in a landscape sprinkled white 

Apart from an occasional burst
from a Robin or Blackbird
The crunch of our snowy steps
was all that could be heard

Everywhere and everything
lay under a dusting of white
As scenic as a Christmas card
a wonderland walk to delight

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They can be found standing all alone
or gathered together in large clumps
They grow in the shade of hedgerows
under trees and amongst their stumps

Sturdy, strong, small and snow white
delicate bells on fine stems of green
Braving out the bitter winter weather
in ice and snow they are often seen

I was pleased to see many Snowdrops
along my daily lockdown walk today
A wonderful and mos...

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Ballet dancers
tu tus twirling
Crave the light
petals unfurling

Growing daily
twisting, turning
Facing the sun
daylight yearning

Bright and bold
in vibrant shades
Bursts of colour
that gently fades

Single stems
reach for the sky
Here for a week
they wither and die

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Storm Christoph

Storm Christoph arrived
Rain, sleet and snow
Dangerously high rivers
Threaten to overflow

Roads are like rivers
Flooded, knee high
Constant is the rain
It pours from the sky

Concern for residents
Again living in fear
Waiting for news
Evacuation is near

In the darkest night
The river rises high
Escape the danger
Time to say goodbye

Leaving their homes
Many families in fear

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Donald The President, Trump, Trump, Trump

In the USA
A temporary circus came
A man who wished to rule the world
And Donald was his name
One dark night
He twisted everyone's brain
And he became the president
and the USA never was the same

Donald Trump became the president
And created a White House circus
He ran the show like a trumpety trump
Trump trump trump

Donald the president divided the USA
And abused his twitter acco...

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just for fun

Hope Holds The Key

Cast aside any hatred
Release the love in your heart
Unlock the door to the world
Take steps to make a new start

Shut out the darkness
Open your eyes see the light
Reveal your inner strength
Be brave your future is bright

Lock away any doubts
Endeavour to always be kind
Discover power in positivity
Chase the dreams in your mind




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A Picture Of Mixed Emotions

This photo brings mixed emotions
It presents an unusual and dismal scene
An image which is rarely captured
A bustling town would usually be seen

There is sadness in this image
Empty car park, empty streets and empty town
There is sadness in this image
Shops, pubs and restaurants all closed down


There is hope in this image
Proving there is nothing to see and nothing to do

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The Wheel Of Lockdown

Like a hamster on a wheel
around and around I go
These Groundhog days
my time passes by so slow

Nothing much changes
Every day the same news
Nothing much happens
Every day the same views

Nothing much is said
Every day the same talk
Nothing much to do 
Every day the same walk

On the wheel of lockdown
around and around I go
Going nowhere fast
my pace is tired and slow

Each da...

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Close your eyes

Close your eyes

imagine yourself in the sea

In the turquoise blue

swimming, feeling energised and free


Close your eyes

imagine yourself on the sand

In the warm sunshine 

relaxing, maybe a cocktail in hand 


Close your eyes

imagine yourself amongst trees

In the lush green forest

exploring, enjoying the gentle breeze


Close your eyes

imagine yourse...

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The Mannequin Challenge

Has Mother Nature thrown a challenge
of the mannequin kind
where everything stops and time stands still
to play havoc with my mind

The day is still and quiet
even the birds are at rest
keeping safe, dry and warm
snuggled up in their nest

Heavy cloud and drizzly mist
all day long the grey remains
the only thing I see and hear
is the constant dripping of rain

The view outside my wi...

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Just Get Through Any Way!

Lockdown hours are many

Lockdown days are tough

Lockdown weeks are long

Lockdown time is rough


Just get through each hour

Just get through each day

Just get through each week

Just get through any way! 

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Remember You're A Human

When the sun doesn't shine and it's cloudy and grey
And it's only the beginning of another lockdown day 
And you've got nothing else to do but wish the day away

Chorus: Remember, remember, remember, remember Remember, remember, remember (member, member, member) 
Remember you're a Human
(Remember you're only Human) 
Remember you're a Human
(Remember you're only Human) 
Remember you're a H...

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just for fun

Must Try Harder

Sometimes I read a poem
and wonder how this idea came to light
Frequently I read a poem
and think why didn't I have this insight
Occasionally I read a poem
and feel the writers pain and sorrow
Too often I read a poem
and promise I will try harder tomorrow


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I Preferred Yesterday’s Walk

A damp and dismal walk today

muddy footpaths mapped our way

Some friendly faces to be found

along the river, our usual walk around


A thick blanket of cloudy grey

laying heavy and low on this dreary day

A constant mist of drizzly rain

fell in puddles, tickled down the drain 


Following tracks of boots and paws

yesterday’s snowy ice slowly thaws

We stopped br...

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Today's Walk

A delightful walk today
snowy footprints mapped our way
No one else to be found
our two voices made the only sound

A blanket of cloudy grey
lifted to reveal a stunning day
A light dusting of snow
that glistened under the sunny glow

Following in the track of deer
evidence they were somewhere near
We took a moment at the top
admired the view, grateful for the stop

Now at home with ...

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Empty Nest Again Amended

An Amended Version.... 

There once was a bird, two chicks in her nest
To build a happy family, she tried her best

She nurtured them, made them healthy and strong
She taught them well, to know right from wrong

She protected them, watched them develop and grow
She loved them both, more than they will ever know

The day came around too soon for them to fly away
To take off into the wor...

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Empty Nest Again

There once was a bird, two chicks in her nest
To build a happy family, she tried her very best

She nurtured them, to make them healthy and strong
She taught them all she knew, to know right from wrong

She protected them from harm, watched them develop and grow
She loved and cared for them, more than they will ever know

The day came around too soon for them to leave and fly away
To tak...

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Her World, Sun, Moon And Stars

They are her world, sun, moon and stars above

She gave them life and showered them with love

Like the ocean to the shore they ebb and flow

She welcomes them back and then lets them go

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Up and down, round and round

Climb up high, plunge to the ground

A rollercoaster of twists and turns

I tremble inside, my stomach churns

Sheer panic fades to feeling numb

The fear I feel is not exciting or fun

I want it to end, someone pull on the brake

I’m not sure how much more Covid-19 I can take

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Christmas Seems So Long Ago

How can the time fly by so quickly

when some days seem to pass so slow 

It has only been a week since Christmas 

yet it seems so long ago


Christmas celebrations in tier four 

with less to do, less people to see

Lots more time spent doing nothing

our home was a relaxing place to be


A time filled with happy memories 

those memories help to bring a smile 

Now t...

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