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Disney Days

Below is one of my children's poems called 'Disney Days'.


Warmer than a Sheep Dog hug
or happiness rolled in a rug;
dancing dizzy Dulux joy,
whirls and swirls and shouts ‘Ahoy!’

Brighter than a scientist,
the artist’s pallet shines and skips.
Free from Greenwich Mean Time days,
they demonstrate their West End ways.​

Talent dazzles, beaming light
into the insides of o...

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"I'm Leaving For A Wetter Man"

I’m Leaving For A Wetter Man

“I’m leaving for a wetter man”,

your email said. My humour’s dry.

Surely you meant “Better man” or “Weatherman”.

“I’m leaving for a wetter man” -

Perhaps I should have bought a dam,

or dressed up in a puddle tie.

“I’m leaving for a wetter man” -

your email said. My tears won’t dry.


From my new collection of 'Short Funny Love Poems'


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Fancy That!

Fancy That!

'Sue fancies Bill.
Bill fancies Tim.
Tim fancies Jane.
Jane fancies Jim.

Jim fancies Kate.
Kate fancies Anne.
Anne fancies Pete,
and Pete fancies Sam.

Sam fancies Rob,
but who fancies you?'

'Mum, I don't care,
while I'm having a poo!'

Would you like the chance to win a £10 Amazon Gift Voucher?If so, then enter an original short funny poem of 12 lines or less by midnight Friday Octbe...

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I Compare Thee To A Roast Dinner

From my new book:- A Floristry of Palpitations


As cool as a sprout,

and more fragrant than a cabbage -

You turned me on with your Yorkshire Pudding wit.

Your potato looks, and carrot personality

attracted me like gravy to a plate.

Your cauliflower skin, and garden pea humour

was as passionate as a roast beef kiss.


Your solicitor was ...

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The Final Draft

The Final Draft


Always seeking synthetic success, for

reasons no psychiatrist is unsure

of. Like Andromeda’s black hole, the core

is unstable, and breathes in media whores’

influences and agendas. Your IQ

is beyond atomic numbers, but you

are consumed like an ale in Bavaria.

Past Plutonium thoughts grow scarier,

whilst lost dreams entwine with absent lo...

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The Worst Tutor Ever (Fact!)

The Worst Tutor Ever


There once was a poet called Lee

who said that he always wrote three

lines in his limericks.


From my new free e-book 'Kidnapped By A Public House'


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