They call the first full moon

of the new year

the Wolf Moon

such an intriguing name

such a beautiful sight

you want to pull it closer

as it casts its spell upon you

it lights the winter sky

fills you with awe and reverence

I don't want the scientific explanation

I don't need to know

I like the moon the way it is

full of romance and mystery

a thing of bea...

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Once I came across it

I could not leave

it was the perfect home

for me


A view of life

a philosophy

it seemed to fit

so naturally


So I moved in

have not left since

this place became

my residence


I found a home

I must confess

I live and breathe

and write in Jest!


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There is the law

which we respect

we're obedient

we follow it,

but with that said

there is one flaw

only law that counts

is your Mother-in Law!


~Po Wit


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When things are looking

really bad,

and you are feeling

down and sad,

reverse your thoughts

from where they led,

don't go down that hole

go up instead


Thoughts can mislead

hold us at bay,

and sometimes they

lead us astray,

correct your course

then change your ways,

tomorrow's always better

than yesterday.


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This poem

has been screened and tested

and the results are negative

so it is Covid free

In addition

this poem has not run a temperature

in the last 14 days

or developed a cough or had diarrhea 

or visited a correctional facility

or been around any other poems

with Covid-like symptoms

so you are cleared to read this poem

just maintain a safe distance

and ...

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When we peruse

on-line reviews

of establishments

and owners who

get criticized

for what they do

then customers

is what they lose


While we read others

points of view

we must discern

what is the truth,

know people err

give them their due

it's easy to criticize,

hard to do.




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It will be okay

I tell myself

if I don't write today

I will not melt,

But then appears

that feeling of guilt

not writing is the worse

I've ever felt.



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The little man

makes no excuses

he goes to work everyday

like clockwork

he pays his bills

he votes

he plays with his kids

he honors his wife

the little man is the average Joe

the breadwinner the solid citizen

he gets no breaks from government

or breaks on his job

he just works hard

and takes pride in his work

he gets a vacation

but he can't afford ...

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A Single Poem


A single poem

to which referred

may touch a soul

a heart be stirred,

A few small words

a thought transferred

the beauty is

that it occurred.

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I am the mask

you're forced to wear

I am growing into you

I will become a part of you

you cannot do without me

I am your very existence

your future


I am a growth

that will not go away

from ear to ear

I cover you

I blight your smile

I eliminate your identity


I am

the black stain

that will not go away

a blot that won't fade

a stigma o...

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I think about me

as often as possible.

I think about me more than others.

I idolize myself.

I am smarter and prettier than the rest.

I am so important.

I don't know what I would do without me.

I am glad others grovel at my feet.

I look down on them from above.

I am superior.

I am the center of my life.

I am the center of the universe.

I am always ready to p...

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Babies are so cute

cuddly little bundles of joy

but then

dum dum duuuuhmmm

they grow up


we should never teach them

how to walk

and especially not how to talk

that is their downfall

they mimic us and become

as stupid as we are


they will get into things

and find out things

and eventually become teenagers

and that is the end of normal life


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The Man On The Bridge


Every morning he comes

to stand on the bridge

and look down in the water

in a moment of reflection

every morning he walks

to the bridge

to watch the cars go by

and see people rushing off to work

he is a lonely figure

with no one to talk to

he seems lost

and longing for something

maybe it is conversation

maybe it is companionship

maybe it is the place ...

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Hard Scrabble


It's a word game

for people who like words

the object of the game

is to make big words

and score big points

and humiliate your opponent

so they never play again

it's a lot like poker

it depends on what you're dealt

and your cunning and shrewdness

in defeating your foe

to the best of your ability

if you don't draw good tiles

you don't win

then prepare ...

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Spousal Abuse

*the following poem is not written by me.   Please do not notify my wife.  She might take offense!


I suffer spousal abuse

it can't be denied

when my wife says Jump

I say how high

she gives me daily instructions 

I'm told how to drive

my salvation, my hearing

thank God is compromised!







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Big Bend is roped around the Rio Grande

that mighty grand river that snakes its way down down

from Colorado then meanders through New Mexico

carrying floodwater  rocks  stumps  bodies

all the way into the tip of Texas

where it changes direction in that big bend bowl

holding up the weight of West Texas

then finally makes up its mind which way it wants to go

and hea...

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Hospital Gown


It's a tarp

with a hole

don't mention

what shows


It covers

your front

leaves your

backside exposed


Shows cracks

in your armor

'cause it

doesn't quite close


A flap

in the back

a tent with

no pole.



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Oh Say Can You Say


If you have a viewpoint now
you must keep it to yourself
because Big Tech may be watching
they will censor you
or put you in a time out
facing the wall
we are not children
we are Americans who have
the right to speak
it is in the First Amendment
the very first for a reason
if we cannot express our opinions
Democracy dies
America will be no more
expressing ideas is the foundation

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I am

the mule of poetry

I go about my work

with patience

plodding on with my

heavy pack of poems

I am long-lived

as I hope these poems are

I am the mule of poetry

ever faithful

carrying my weight

without complaint



more intelligent than

a donkey.



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Tails To The Wind


Horses stand

tails to the wind

No place to go

as the storm blows in


Not used to snow

eyes slowly close

Two horses shivering

in the cold


Steam coming from nose

hoof prints in snow

warm barn they seek

but the barn door's closed


Left in the snow

on each other depend

patience of Job

tails to the wind.



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Easy Come, Easy Go


Ring in their nose

pulled to and fro

They went along

not to be exposed


Mandates proposed

went unopposed

obediently, they did

what they were told


Good citizens

locked down at home

they so believed

their eyes were closed


Yet the plague raged on

even more arose

their liberty lost

easy come, easy go.



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I once had a wife

and a mother

and a grandmother

I once had an Aunt

and a sister

a niece

and a female cousin


but now I have no wife

no mother

no sister

no aunt

In their place I have

a thing called

gender neutrality


my relationships changed

without me realizing it

or having a say in it

overnight I lost my entire family


you ca...

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Out Of Context


Every time someone gets caught

with their foot in their mouth

they always claim they were taken

"out of context"

even though what they said

is verbatim and on tape and

as plain as the nose on their face

rather than admit they made a mistake

rather than admit they didn't know

what they were talking about

rather than admit they are damned fools

they fall back on...

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If you are a politician

or a celebrity

and have something

you want to share

make sure it has legitimacy

and actually is worthwhile

with a firm basis in truth

and the facts


it is just a Nothing Burger

with nothing to it

no meat to the statement

nothing to see

a burger without bun

no pickles or onions

no mayo or fries

the #1 Nothing Comb...

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The road ain't wide

that goes to High

if you blink twice

you pass it by,

So don't blink your eye

when High is nigh

you'll miss the boat

and miss your High.



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1) Your surgery has been scheduled for D-Day, 600 hours. 

     We attack at Dawn!  (bring brain with you.)

 2) Arrive at the Hospital - Outpatient services Center at 5am so you don't miss the boat.  Be in full battle dress with live ammo.

3) If you use Marijuana please bring some with you.  We will not provide it for you. If you need help with this matter, we can...

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3RD CHILDHOOD---a poem by O.L. Buzzerd


when men get old

they do silly things

and people say old men

have gone into their second childhood


as old men we revert to doin

stupid childish things

that only a kid would do


at my age I have progressed

way beyond that

I am currently eyeballin' my 3rd childhood

and am full of tricks and

cantankerous behavior


my experience is that

the long...

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Almost 300,000 miles on me

my tires are worn

shocks are shot

belts are thin

running on fumes

but still I'm going down the road

100 miles per hour

I don't care

that I'm coming to a dead end

with no guard rail

and a ditch

in my mind I'm thinking

no problem

when I get to the end

I'll just do a 180

turn around

and come back.



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I went to buy a dozen fresh eggs

so I asked the cooperating chicken

are you happy?

of course said the chicken

I have a short life but I am enjoying it

I am a Good Egg so to speak

they say that only happy chickens lay good eggs

so I try to be happy

and maintain an optimistic attitude

I am free range

and unlike you compliant citizens

I have neve...

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We all seen

them holy jeans

to us it seems

they're just obscene


Why in the world

God only knows

Would someone buy

new jeans with holes


Another bad fad

where did it come from

they think they're cute

we think they're dumb



even for a bum

toss those holey jeans

to kingdom come.


-Po Wit


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Closing Out The Year


We record the last day

in our date book

make the final entry

on the final day

we close up the year

as we close the journal

a year is done

another year older

we look back and wonder

how it could go by so fast

but close the year


glad it is over

but thankful as well

to be alive

at its end.


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Our goals are hidden

deep within the contract

you will never find them

without a magnifying glass

and a team of lawyers

we hide our agenda

because we like to surprise people

who think they are getting a good deal

but who are in reality

getting screwed

if you accept the terms

of this message

check this box

you have just signed away

your legal rights


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