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Boots 2 (WW1)

He slept with his boots on.

Although true sleep is alien to him now.

A cacophony of sound disturbs his slumber.

Fear, being his daily reality.

He had volunteered, the Chorley Pals they called them.

His friends were right there with him, wanting to do their bit.

He had been in the hell to which they sent him for only two weeks and yet he had already outlived all his Pals.

A vet...

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#thoughts #war

Dividing The Land

How far does it extend this piece of the planet we buy?

Is it to the earth’s core or as far as we can see in the sky?

Guardians of this earth, here to give and share.

How can we own the land, the sky or the air?

Revering nature by giving more back than we take.

Really any other way of living, could only be called fake.

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Boots 2

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#war #tragedy

Come Work In Our Factories

Long hours spent toiling the land, his family had done for generations.

Living in tune with the seasons, never thinking of other occupations.

Farmers his father and grandfather before him had been, what else to be?

Of his sons he was proud, he said “one day you will take over from me”.


Come work in our factories, leave your village, leave your land.

Come work in our factories, ...

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#inspiration #poetry #freedom #historical

There Is Art In This City

The big wheel is apparently not a wheel, but an eye.

Boxes of people suspended in air and time, up in the sky.

The panorama stretches out before them, a city laid bare.

A few million souls living, they look like ants down there.

Which way to serve them best?

North…South…East or perhaps West?


Culture awaits in this. metropolis, but is anything real?

Find a place to go, chi...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Be Kind To You

Be kind to yourself.

We all make supposed "mistakes" which are not really.

…it is called growing as people.

forgive and move on.


Be kind to yourself.

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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

Wisdom Of The Tree

He has lived longer than you or I

Standing tall amongst his forest of friends

What makes this tree so special?

Why are so many compelled to visit this exact tree?

Leave offerings in his branches

Bury gifts between his roots…

Wisdom Tree gives freely of his counsel

Wisdom Tree communicates clearly

For those with ears open enough to hear

Humanity drawn to ask favours from ...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Understanding Begins With Ourselves

So many feel the need to fight

Living life with no inner light

Why do so many appal

Simple fact that Love is all                         

My desire all lost souls see

Potential for all they can be

Life make of what we will

Finding our own truths until

Our future to be shaping, moulding

Parallel with our learning unfolding

Emotional balance only natural

Energy, happ...

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After Salvador

I had seen him on tv in bygone times

Finding his art entrancing in my childhood

He seemed a little mad and I liked that

Wanting to understand

My mother became my oracle of knowledge

She also worked herself as an artist

Teaching me together with discussions aplenty

I came to know him a little


Fast forward into the noughties

Persistence of Memory seen small as life at...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

The Spark Of Understanding

Why is it thought such a fight

Living life within the light?

Purely expressed feelings actual

Emotional balance is only natural

There never was anyone else to blame

Personal responsibility to now reclaim

Life being ours to make of what we will

Thinking purely, truths, freedom until

Our future to be shaping and moulding

Parallel with our learning unfolding

The spark of...

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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

Summer Rain

To walk in the cleansing summer rain

Nirvana for humans and parched ground

Pine trees, roses, the damp earth

And a thousand other scents

All at once brought alive

Teasing senses with their beauty

Thoroughly soaking wet and caring not

Simple joys of being alive…


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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Taking Off The Jacket

A comfort zone is like an old jacket

Worn it for too many years

It doesn’t quite fit anymore and definitely looks tired

Shabby and worn out

Carrying on being worn because it’s comfortable

Now is always the best time to leave comfort traps


Stretching horizons

Stretching ourselves

Waking as the sun rises on a new place today

The thrill of travel




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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

Where To Look?

Pondering the question…

How to be inspired?

Meditating, dreaming

Mind works overtime looking for the answer

Information meltdown time


Taking a quiet moment…looking around seeing anew


It’s in every life goes on….and yet here we have nature

Nature still manifesting as the ultimate expression of art in motion

What could be more inspiring?



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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

Wainwright - The Shaper of Lives

I first came across them when a teen

Exquisite drawings for to set the scene

Fell walking made large through illustration

Bringing to life every beauteous location

Lakelands crying out to be walked like never before

Each book read leaving me feeling I need to see more

Descriptions of crag, scree, and the valleys green

Following in his footstep to view each scene

To the Lake...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Rhododendrons And The Hudson River

Unexpected botanical specimens appreciated as we wait

Rhododendrons growing wild, well untamed at any rate

We want to see it after dark, adding textures, night views

Navigated Hell’s Kitchen, towards our Liberty Cruise

Flowers near the ferry office, she takes photos up close

Standing back I admire her, a poem in my head I compose


The tour starts, Liberty awaiting our pleasur...

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#inspirational #love #humour

Kiss Me Quick - Tangerine Dream

Standing next to the library a gallery of art

Nourishing the soul, culture they impart

Paintings, sound, all arts it embraces

Taking us to many far away places


Streets a mix of Victorian architectural hints

Mixing harmoniously with all the glitz and chintz

What should be a total clash somehow blends in its uniqueness

Becoming quite sublime to the senses in its completenes...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Once They're Gone

Irresistible the two-hundred-year-old mills

I would love to collect them in all honesty

Like Clough William-Ellis made Portmeirion

I would have my own industrial history village

Silk, cotton and any other mill is welcome

I would rescue neglected gems of architecture

The derelict, unloved, soon to be demolished

I would restore them to their former glory

This was our ancestor...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

The Old Straight Track

The greenest valley spread far and wide

Slowly settlement starts on either side

Bronze age people, eventually two villages grew

Looking from a distance at one another, what next to do?

Great plans are conceived, as elders confer to discuss

To be better able to trade, a track we’ll make between us

The Dodman by description, early surveyor of the land

Making sure the track was s...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Stoneproof in Avebury

 “Why I’m not feeling the energy, man?”

Hmmm this has to be a mystery

How does mysterious Avebury

Somehow mysteriously elude me…

Oh how I endeavoured to do the right thing

Even camped but a stones throw from the village

Walk the avenue of standing stones

Ensure I’m within the right energy

Continue around the circle of standing stones

Seemingly it doesn’t matter

Clock ...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

The River & The Sea

A canoe launches into shallowest water

All but a stream

High in the mountains

Forward motion begins

Avoiding rocks

Patiently progress is made

Slowly yet surely

Widening and then

In an instant transformed

A cacophony of noise fills his ears


With long-won skill, he traverses

Shooting onwards


Yet in control

Then calm returns


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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Be Beautiful...

It's all around if we open our eyes to see

Today I saw a gorgeous tree

Growing out of an old crumbling wall

There lies beauty 

It's everywhere around

And it costs nothing

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Art on 5th Avenue - The Guggenheim

Walked through Central Park along 5th Avenue

Destination we’d read so much about coming into view

Standing back gaping at the alien architecture before us

Incredible building, sallying forth anticipation all abuzz

Worth the entrance fee to simply look upward inside

Enough procrastination, let’s go see art, we decide


Never given much thought to Van Gogh not strictly my scene


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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

Farming Through Time

He remembers his great grandfather

Wisdom etched in all the lines creasing his face

He said

“we don’t own this land, we look after it for our sons and the sons of our sons”

And this is how history unfolded

Down through countless generations

His own father before him


Right back

The farm

Cared for


By those with the same surname

Passed down once...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation


Please help open my mind
Rationality limits potential

Quieten pointless ponderings

Let my mind be free

A thousand random thoughts vie for attention

Only the chatter of mundaneness

Never did mean anything

Time for a new paradigm

Overdue awakening within

Intuition then inner knowing

To be still from inside out

To listen to nothing

Calmness permeates

At last…


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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Where It All Began

Revisiting childhood memories

Going back…right back to where it all started

I’m a writer now

They enjoyed my stories then

My first venture into the education system

Northenden, South Manchester

Now I’m back again after all these years

Or is it a moment?

Difficult to be sure…can we ever be sure?

The performance and an audience anticipates

They arriving fashionably earl...

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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

The Jacket

Her most treasured possession


Veritably threadbare

Once brown

Now no longer

Original colour faded out

Existing only in memory

As he does now


Her adored Grandpops


Three years since he passed away

His jacket

The one he wore come rain or shine

Became hers

Only hers

And the emotions

Which came with it

She wore it every day


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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

City Life - Follow Your Bliss

His friends thought what a pity

Abandoning his job in the city

They judged him to be quite mad

Early mid-life crisis, how sad

Next, he distributed some of his wealth

Considered it essential for good health

Trinkets of a life he had turned away from

And pretty soon he will also be long gone

A Scottish island to be his new home

Clean air, wildness, freedom to roam

He wi...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Now Truly Living

With pure open heart

Negativity can now depart

In beauty to be walking

Inner voice talking

Cleansed, feeling whole

Mind, body and soul

Harmless ways of living

Caring and easily giving

Projecting what’s inside

All eyes open wide

It’s easy to really fathom

It’s about Love in every atom

In every action, every thought

The still point that is sought

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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

George Inspirational

Brainwashed by white noise

Brainwashed marketing ploys

Brainwashed by the masses

Brainwashed in the classes

Brainwashed out of thinking

Brainwashed into sinking

Brainwashed blocks the soul

Brainwashed no longer whole

Brainwashed by the day

Brainwashed work for pay

Brainwashed pay the bill

Brainwashed makes us ill

Brainwashed see them walking

Brainwashed eatin...

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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

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