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Schizophrenic on a Mission

I sit in my room alone but with a presence

My nerves are like lightning, electrified and effervescent

After an all night vigil, the day breaks through the sky

My bodies finely programmed, just like my wired up mind


The voices in my head command me wisely

While the messages from the telly inform me concisely

On my objectives, plans and aims

To go outside on a mission, to enact out my own war games


With adrenaline like amphetamine, rushing and pumping

I leave my humble dwelling, my shoulders not slumping

I pass a posse of youths who stare at my strange attire

I pass them nonplussed, glaring at them with fire


Passing a brewery, my acute senses are filled with hops

Smoking a fag I survey the local area, looking out for cops

Breathing in smoke in my cast iron lungs

I take a turn into an estate yearning for anarchic fun


I see my objective I'm filled with deluded pride

I proceed on further my senses in override

A factory with burning chimneys, spewing combustion in the sky

I prepare myself for war, my energy levels high


With a sense of thrill, I prepare to instil some damage

But a black maria pulls up, I walk up without panic

Searching my person and belongings, I'm burning with frustration

As the copper escorts me to the van to take me to the station


At the cop station I'm interviewed and checked in

Loudly demanding my freedom, so I can free the world of sin

Escorted down the corridor I'm detained for hours in a cell

The voices in my brain distracting me from this hell


With my aggression levels in infinity

A suited fella arrives regarding my sanity

With a few choice notes at a flick of a pen

I'm handcuffed to a bobby and on a journey again


Circling the streets on a mystery tour 

I'm exhausted and confused I can't take any more

The van stops sharply at a hospital bay

Where I'm led to a ward on a Section 2 stay

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Dave Bradley

Wed 30th Oct 2013 09:19

This isn't great poetry as such but who cares. It does its job as versifying to get across an extraordinary experience/day/reality. I will remember it long after I've forgotten stuff which ticks more technical boxes

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