The Devil's Box

All are welcome to this tight convention

To bathe your eyes docilely in visual radiation

A dose of time around the clock

Staring mesmerised at the Devil's box


Twenty four hours of lethargic inaction

Watching brain dead sit-coms filled with pretension

Then the commercials pop up with their marketing ploys

Spoilt little siblings demanding the latest fashion toy


While the father stares at his plasma screen

His family is on the breadline, doesn't mean a thing

While the mother trudges along to the local food bank

The head of the household has the DSS to thank


With radiation eroding at our literacy rates

Little darlings on their X-Box, staying up late

While parents sat slumped, totally engrossed

In the thing in the corner, the devil's box

Television addiction

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Thomas J Steele

Thu 24th Oct 2013 14:08

Excellent writing Dean, enjoyed every word of it, and, for a lot of people in this day and age, it holds very real truths.

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