Smoke Till Your Hearts Content

For a princely sum of seven quid odd

You can buy a fare to see your god

With tar and chemicals in each fag

Your lungs are choking with each drag


Carbon Monoxide with a nicotine kick

Coughing and spluttering until you're sick

But pushing on with your tobacco intake

Tumours and Emphysema from a daily fix


Four thousand chemicals in each toke

Poisoning yourself and abstaining folk

Your breath is stinky as well as your clothes

Your fate is sealed your death arose


Lying in a hospital bed with rattling breath

Waiting for the reaper to seal your fate

With that seven quid investment you've bought a ticket

To heaven you go, you've kicked the bucket


So bear in mind next time you're at the baccy shelf

With each burn you're damaging your health

Buy some gum or an electric fag

Lung cancer is torture, death's such a drag


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Ann Foxglove

Sun 13th Oct 2013 09:38

Perhaps they should print your poem on cigarette packets instead of the scary photos Dean - it's a very good message well put!

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