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You want motivate to get out of bed 
You can't find in it yourself 
You'er a slave to your daily rituals 
But they're not going to help you find happiness
We got happiness and being comfortable mixed up

So smile and tell yourself that you're all okay
While you're drowning in the rain
Home is a place that keep's us locked
Into a comfortable loop that never ends

So if this is coping 

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Evergreen Town

I'm setting soil to make it an evergreen town
I know you've been down and depressed lately
Feeling so unwanted that you 
Can't even do anything about it
But I'm here to tell you I'm trying to be a better man

I'm setting soil to make it an evergreen town
To show you that everything has 
To start from somewhere
So please don't let the depression take you from me
We all know that you're a ...

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Crystal Sky

Like a crystal clear sky
The memory of us suffocating 
Each other with kisses
Always comes back to me

I can't forget how you looked so happy
Looking for the air to go down your lungs
That was when I told myself
I loved you and I can't hurt you

Like a crystal clear sky
Picking you was that easy 
That night you slept like a baby cuddled up to me
I was truly happy 

I wish I could tu...

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Stop Sign

You was never promised a happy ending 
So don't assume you're getting one
But if I'm still alive I'll give you one

I've waited by that stop sign 
Talk to you when the world forget about you
My words may not mean shit to you now
But you still mean the world to me

Time has no end but we do 
So don't waste it on vivid colors when I care about you
But some nights you make me feel so low 

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Heaven,Hell And Hockey Sticks

I miss you so bad
You made me feel loved 
April please don't hate me
I'm not going to heaven

It's straight to hell with me
Baby don't be sad
I miss you so much 

I miss the way you kissed me 
You took my innocence away
It always gose back you 
I miss you so much 

But It's straight to hell with me
Baby don't be sad
I loved you so much 

I'm a lost boy looking for you
But baby y...

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What Love Is.

In my life it's not fear of being a lonely 
That drives me to keep my promise it's love
So yes your the only girl I'm 100% opened up to
Cause I trust you 

Yes I'm doing something that 
Many guys are not willing to do
That's keep my word 

No I don't crave sex or want that from her
I want sit down on my bed and just listen to her 
Talk about her life,religion, views on politics 
I just...

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A Open Letter For A Firefire

You was everything to me
The first time I heard you
I thought I heard an angel
Thank god I was right 

Every time I hear you I feel overjoyed 
I wanted to hurt myself
That time I made you cry 
I feel like a goddamn monster for it
I'll never forgive myself

I'm sorry for the rude language
Every day I got to talk to you 
Was the best day of my life
So don't convince yourself that

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The Shattered Outlook

The thoughts of her keep you up at night
Like the Bloodshed that was never seen
Boy are you losing this battle?

I know it's all so grim
But just keep crying to yourself 
Maybe one day them tears will dry up?
God I hope them tears dry up

You can't do anything about the situation
It's under your skin like a sewing needle
What can I say you're letting this kill you
And the worst part ab...

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Words of The Waiting Man 4

Lately my mind feel so defeated
Maybe these issues I can't fix
You're gone and I'm bearing my teeth
Trying to get the words to come out right

You made me feel whole
But lately I feel like I'm just a walking corpse
I know life isn't supposed to be fair
But lately I feel like it's just being downright cruel

You're the taste of cigarettes and beer
That I craved every morning
What am I s...

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Gasoline & Hard Candy

I want Hollywood 
And you want a family
So how could we be together
I want the world to know my name 
But I'd give that up for you 

It's hell without you 
I don't sleep with you in my mind 
When all I want is your hand  
So I guess I'll wait here and sang
About the most beautiful girl I've ever met

I still get lose in you 
So can you please talk to me 
I'm not saying I want to stay...

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I know I told you I wouldn't lie to you 
But I straight-up lied to your face last night
I'm heartbroken and I cried myself to sleep again
You're breaking the one promise that you told me
You would never break

You told everyone you wouldn't break it
But now you're giving your hand to someone else
I guess I'm right I'm not enough
And you proved me right this time

Am I the only one who k...

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A Open Letter of Thoughts

I never meant to come off creepy
I just wanted to know why you left this time
Hope you understand that we made this promise 
That I have to keep myself 
Even if you don't want to keep it

I don't get me wrong 
I want to kill myself but I made a promise to someone 
That's why I couldn't so I guess I'll keep that promise

I know I want to keep all my promises 
Because I don't want to end ...

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Love Sick Boy 

I hate free pizza
Cause it only remind me of you
Every night I would brung you a pie home
Nowadays Sour Patch Kids and Dr,Pepper
You can't have them without me in your mind

You can try and hate me now 
But I only have sweet words for you 
I just want to listen to you
Get lost in your words 

I'll go through hell for you
So say shut up and go
But I'll show you love 
One day I hope yo...

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Valentine's Day

I hope it rains so much 
That your Valentine's Day gets ruined
I wish I could hate you
But I could never do that you're my weakness

So I cry myself to sleep
Missing you do you feel the ice
It's getting thicker 
and I know I followed 
Your firefly light to the lighthouse

I was skipping with joy
But now I sit here and wait without you
June will come soon
And your be a year older


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Fall Apart

I couldn't mean anything to you
So how could I let it bleed 
I'll fall apart here 
I've been here looking for love 

But everyone reminds me of you
The devil owns my soul now 
I sold it for fame this time
Just so I could buy you anything you want
I don't care if your knot my girl

I'll spoil you still
Cause you loved me 
When I couldn't love my soul
Oh I'll fall apart waiting on you


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Mother you how could you 
Just think you could comeback 
When all that you have said and done
I don't care about your feeling

You didn't care about the small child you left
You only return to give its yearly abuse
Still all I wanted was you 

So after today I'm done
You won't just walk into my life anymore
The weight of holding how I feel about you 
Is no longer in me I let you free

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Time And Space (February 12, 2017)

I haven't been here 
I haven't been here in a long time

So don't go 
Just don't go 
I need you for tonight
I know I don't deserve love
But I think I love you 

All of time and space
And a girl like you 
Are falling for a guy like me 
A do nothing guy 
Who has always been scared of being real

So please I don't go 
Just don't go 
I need you for tonight
I know I don't deserve love

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You said you wanted to feel something real
But in the end you don't understand the pain
The scars mapping out a place that I don't want to be
My pain is how I know I'm still living 

My demons grow in the deep 
The world is lost to me 
The world is lost to me 
My demons grow in the deep

I've got nothing left here 
So the open wound is still bleeding
The flesh is not amenable
All head...

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Rest In Peace

She's a Tumblr girl/English Muffin and finds love in all the bad boys that use her but she won't hear me out but I was her bad boy for 7 years until I fucked that up. Nowadays she always reminds me that I'm a asshole and nothing but a fuck boi who cheat once and messed everything up. All she wanted was to me hold her, Small family and wanted to love me But I fucked that up I miss them days but I c...

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Apocalyptic Complement

I was a semicolon
But now I'm thinking I'm more of a period
Cause I think that a forever with me
Is something that no one should ever want

Because in the apocalyptic down spiral that I call my life
I got emotionally attached to someone
Did some dumb things for that person
Found out that love wasn't fair

But I'm thinking about different ways 
To get you back in my life
Like I said emo...

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Overcast of Melancholy

Locked myself up 
For you don't have to see me 
I know your okay 
I know your happiness is in place 

So I'm thinking about taking the plunge
I know the hole is only six feet deep
It seems that it would be comfortable

The clarity I'm searching for isn't growing old
All I ask from you is? 
Don't let me die a second death too early
I know I'm a big cry baby 

My mind telling me it's n...

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