So Call It What You Want

I can't find a reason to live
It's scaring me I'm off my pills
I go on long walks to listen the cars pass
I forced a smile on my face and they all thought it was real
If I died today no one would miss me
I don't want to fight my depression anymore
I think I'm finally giving up and scares me
I don't talk shit behind anyone's back 
I know how much that shit hurts
Ignore me would tell me to go have sex
That wouldn't make me feel any happier
I know I shouldn't be so hard on myself
Fireflies don't come over anymore
I guess the princess is too busy 
Having the family she always wanted
I'm greedy and selfish and not worth anyone's time
I'm sorry I wish I was a better human being
If you don't like me I understand
I can barely tolerate my existence

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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 22nd Oct 2018 14:34

A bruising ride on your poem today Damon....hugs ?

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Jon Stainsby

Mon 22nd Oct 2018 06:42

Be kind to yourself.

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