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L, O, V,E (Lust Over Vanity Equally)

If your image of happiness 
Is two people making love on a couch 
What a sad lonely existence 
You're going to have 
So save yourself from this image

Love isn't about sex
If you think it is then you're just in lust
So save yourself in this chemical 
All your friends are catching but it's not always that good
So save yourself from this image

Love shouldn't be the image on a screen

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Words of The Waiting Man 3

Nothing but a naive boy
Thought I could give my heart to a girl
Told her that I would wait here until the day I die

So I'll do that yuh
Wait my  whole life here yuh
Promise is a promise yuh
So I'll wait her for you yuh

I don't think this is healthy for me
You seem not to care
But Waiting is all I have
So can you put me six feet under
So I don't have to bug you anymore

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Words of The Waiting Man 2

I am now the lack of letters that's in your mind
The feeling of hope 
Before it fully gives into hopelessness
Only blood remains on the skin 

A mind that once was happy
But now gone to the wind
I'm a feeling that will never be 
Love is waiting but waiting is killing me

But still I wait until the end comes for me 
Death is pain so I'll focus on that
It feels like I've lost everything 

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Firefly 3 War For Love

Firefly your the only human

I'd kill for so don't tell me I won't

Cause loving you is hell


It's a hell I'm willingly put myself through

So if this is a love war then I'm going to win it

Cause no one on this Earth loves you more then me

So let time take me it's okay

If the end is me with you


Firefly this is a love war

I'm killing everyone who has hurt you

if ...

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I can't keep moving on 
Days like this I miss you the most
You was my world and now 
The air is burning 

This has been a tragedy
A mind that was by abuse
If I could make you understand 
I before the end I want you to know
It's a bad night again

April time is getting out of the line 
Can you please comeback for me
I don't want to be here anymore
I don't want to be here anymore


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Chapter 2 Mr. Depression and レディ 死

How did I let you get this bad

Mr Depression how can I get away

From you'er bloodshed

It's my body not yours


But you'r keep telling me

One more time won't kill me

It's okay this how life is


I won't ever get away from you

Your'll always found me

Your'll always found me

And kill the good in me


So how do I fight something

That is a part of me

I ha...

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Chapter 1 Mr Depression Lust

I am Mr depression 
I am Mr depression 
Lady Death why did you kill me

Oh my lady death 
I'm dead on this old road
And nothing ever makes sense 
So why did I believe the ghost
That haunts me under my bed

So help me close my eyes 
Help me close my eyes 
I need to close my eyes
Lady Death isn't here with me 

I’m dead now
Do you hear Lilith under my bed
She's moaning for love

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A promise that I cannot break
That's what I made to you
It's okay I won't be like every guy before me
And after me, I'll always be here for you

So I'll like to thank you for showing me love 
But I'll just be a ghost now 
I'll just be a sad ghost
I'll just be a ghost now

My word mean everything to me 
So you can break your promise you made me 
But I'll never break mine 
Your word may...

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Rotting Into

Can you help me?

My blood is pouring out
If this is death then can you see it
I see only light pouring in now

The last two days as been a war 
And god is the devil in sheep clothing
No one can be trusted
This bleed body keep moving 
Even when it's rotting into me

Love is a feeling I could never feel
Glass days is all I have left 
I sorry but I don't love anyone so stop thinking I ...

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Didn't you want love
Didn't you want successful life
Didn't you want see the world

Everyone is self-motivated by their own greed
Don't act like you're so holy
I know I'm scared of what you're not doing 
But you're scared of what I'm saying

I might be a goddamn corpse 
But at least I'm actually doing something now
So what are you doing with all that hungry

Didn't you want love

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Only Hollow

Have you seen the light 
Cause it's fading into the open soul
So are you falling for the right human
Or has everything become bitter

I'm only hollow now 
I'm hollow so don't say anything 
What if my kindness 
Only kills what I love

So you can love me now 
I may never make it to later 
Can you love for me 
I'll tell you desperate lies
As the autumn chill takes you from me

I'm onl...

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The Last Chapter

It's all come down to this
So please don't go tonight
Even if I don't mean anything to you
I'd like to finish the last chapter

Just don't go until this story is done
I met the most amazing girl
Who took my breath away 
She showed me how to love 

So I'll surrender to it
So I'll surrender to it
Because She forgot the love
And surrendered to depression

So when you feel alone
But I'...

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I don't want to be emo anymore
So can you pour me a glass of vodka for I can snore
I know I'm the edgy king but I want to look like Thor
I'm so broke I sleep on my dad's floor
I know I'm not sexually attractive but I have a nice core

I've been self-loathing this whole song
So can you buy me a new bottle of vodka
Because this one is empty like my brain
I'm doing my best to be happy but I'...

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Burning Bright

Hello my old self

If I could tell you this I would

Just a year ago you was at your darkest point

All them times you tried to call out for help

And no one listened to you


So show the world your still alive

We're still burning bright

We're still burning bright

You found yourself in all the dark times


Hello my old self I know it hurts

But the light in her eyes


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Romantically Drifting

Could you keep me up 
Until winter is over
Cuddle me and keep, keep me close
I know time isn't on my side
So can you please stay 

I'm romantically drifting away from you
I'm sorry but if you told me goodbye today
I'd ask you to stay 

Romantically drifting away from me
Romantically drifting away from you

Could you stay I know I don't love you
But I'm scared of dying alone
I know m...

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