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I found a little lump last year

of course I thought the worst

at my age, could it really be

just why had I been cursed

the medicals and surgicals

spoke frankly though the smiles

of chemicals and percentages

tribulations and of trials

of confidence, assurances

and reasons just to be

special, individual

to fight and just be me.

It seems like quite a while ago

after what we've all been through

but every day I thought about

what I would have to do

and even when I lost my hair

and the mirror said I'd gone

I lit my way determinedly

my resolution shone

and do you know I think it helped

was part of my success

doggedly refusing though

I really must confess

I cried myself to sleep at times

at others gave up hope

I'd sit around just feeling numb

I'd wander, dream and mope

then something would come back to me

a fire deep inside

the strength to take the challenges

and the darkness would subside

then eventually and gradually

some brighter days returned

I seized upon these moments and

built on what I'd learned

and felt that I was in control

for the first time since that day

when I was told, in likeliness

my life was on its way

don't get me wrong I'd rather not

have learned a lesson so

but perhaps this is something which

you must experience to know

the value and the worth of life

of the time with which we're blessed

cos I've sure started living now

just me and my left breast!


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Christopher Dawson

Sun 26th Jun 2011 22:38

Thanks guy, very kind, fortunately not me or mine, I've no direct experience there.

It was actually the girl in the pic, she was in the news this week.

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Sun 26th Jun 2011 16:21

You certainly demonstate a very positive personality. Breast cancer seems to leave many families touched in varying degrees.

Thank God modern surgery allows us reconstruction. From what I've learnt so much can now be done to help cosmetically.

It this is about you or one of yours, all the best. x

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Chris Co

Sun 26th Jun 2011 15:10

Well and movingly written Chris,

Don't forget though that a lot of this is equally applicable to us blokes.

Sometimes us blokes get forgotten in the cancer lottery- not by your poem or the subjectivity of it- rather by the media and campaigns.

Been there bought the t-shirt, lost the hair once- had the big C twice. If your going through it or coming out the other end- you have my best wishes.

Well and movingly written!


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Ann Foxglove

Sun 26th Jun 2011 13:33

Yes, an inspiring poem indeed. And good luck to you (if indeed this is about you.) xx

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Sun 26th Jun 2011 13:05

Chris I think this is a well constructed poem exploring the effects of the dreaded C word. Certainly ladies in my family have had this alarming lump appear. This is life in the raw and people I work with in the latter stages of their existence show incredible courage when faced with such devasting discoveries. I'm pleased to see that some of the sitcoms are portraying examples of this too. Well done.

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