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All Wrong


looking at things i wonder what went wrong

coz i am singing my saddest song

with no where to go

not even against the flow.

cant hold still coz my blood boils

and my mind recoils

my anger at the tip of my nose

coz of that i am writing my prose.

with no one to turn to

i am evaporating like mountain dew

thoughts running through my head

while i lay on my bed.

cant think straight anymore

i have locked all the doors

except to scream and shout

thats all i ever think about.

i thought i got it right

from black and blue its turned all white

dont care anymore for love

or that stupid white dove.

all is gone down the drain

and hit by a speeding train

each day come and goes

and i scrape past with my toes.

i have never felt so low

thats one thing i know

my head burst and heart broken

then my other side will be woken.

thats the day i stop to care

dont simply just stand there

run away as fast as you can run

coz the volcano is going to blow out a ton.

that day is not very far off

for now its locked in a loft

dont force me to bear that door

coz after that what will happen even i dont know.



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Brendon Lee

Mon 5th Mar 2018 13:40

Hi Donovan, thanks for the concern man really appreciate it but i had written this piece some years back but just posted it online. ?

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donovan wilson

Sun 4th Mar 2018 22:19

Hi Brendon, thanks for sharing, i felt the emotion, wish you strength if it's where you're at now. That door should never be bared alone. All the best. Donovan

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