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A conspiracy for Corona life

A conspiracy of Corona life!


Contemplate this all - as the truth

Then try and prove it as a lie

Corona 19 is but subterfuge

A test - for us all by and by



How would the World masses react

To being ordered to stop-in every day?

No more flying here, there nor to anywhere

Due to the virus, they must GO home and STAY!



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Gold of Liverpool

The Gold of Liverpool.



The Gold of Liverpool

Is the vein of people you will meet

In hotels, bars, clubs and cafes

Gold is not merely the Mersey beat


It’s the shining sea of faces

That one see’s in every  street

It’s the waterfront with Liver-Birds

And the busy docklands below their feet

It’s the children ringing out their laughter

It’s the folks who wor...

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A taste of hell!

A Taste of Hell!!!


Where does self-respect sit

In the minds of those who weep

For a burglar –without guts- who

Into a pensioners house did creep


His motive –with an accomplice- was

To brow-beat, so they could steal

From an O.A.P. and his disabled wife;

Such a deed has No-Manly appeal


Through fear for his sickly wife

That pensioner retaliated – thinking ...

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Not a happy ghost

Poem:- Not a happy ghost!




A son, A son I dreamt of fathering

For many years as daughters did flow

Settled did I to not having one

 My loving children eased that blow.


I made mistakes with my life

What a toll it took

Cost me time with my children

Then my wife took me to book


As if it were, life took pity

A boy child came my way

I really dug ...

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Myne [a short story]
















































Title of story: -    Myne.


Words - -         8000


Hi, my name is Myne.  My little nep...

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ode of a dealt hand

Ode of a dealt hand





Neither sorry nor proud am I to have blooded people,

For to do so is wrong in the eyes of those who have taught me all.

Yet! I know that I would do it all again, should the circumstances call,

And to that beckoning I would rush, with every sinew of my body calling for ‘Full steam!’

Not until the end would I count the tears, especially of those...

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Give a chump a chance

Give a chump a chance


Trump is a chump

Who is ruled by his stump

Albeit he caught that affliction

From his money


If he had none

He’d not be one

Touting for a hop

With a bunny


All the same I say this

Someone has rattled

That miss with a

Temptation far greater than a seal

No shame in her voice

As she makes the choice

To ignore an agreement


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The corner

          THE   CORNER…….



Hopewood Street / Scotland Road;  A junction to remember

Especially if you plied there for work, which I did one November.

The year was 61, I’d reached eighteen the day before

Now old enough to go on that stand, I hurried there for sure.

It had been the topic of the older lads whose work-ethic was a page

Casual work was ‘the norm’ of the day; t...

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Foolishness and G.O.D.

Foolishness and G.O.D.


You are charged with foolishness – They said

This is silliness, I replied

To have a Diety up on such a charge is madness

When all I have done is make some such as I.


They are –as you put it- struck in your likeness

But that is where the similarity ends

Their mental make-up is constructed without thought for consequence

Because their contents...

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