A taste of hell!

A Taste of Hell!!!


Where does self-respect sit

In the minds of those who weep

For a burglar –without guts- who

Into a pensioners house did creep


His motive –with an accomplice- was

To brow-beat, so they could steal

From an O.A.P. and his disabled wife;

Such a deed has No-Manly appeal


Through fear for his sickly wife

That pensioner retaliated – thinking it

                        To be his right

To protect his loved one, and property

                        Even with a knife.


Sadly true!  One burglar died;

However, you reap what you sow

If you try to deny people their rights

Then yours too – Has to go!


Goodbye scary burglar

Good riddance, some will tell

Good job it wasn’t either of those pensioners

…….Who were in bed

…….Until that burglar’s presence

…….Gave them both;  A taste of HELL!




By  A  Scallywag

◄ Not a happy ghost

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<Deleted User> (18980)

Fri 13th Apr 2018 21:46

Agree with sentiment

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