Give a chump a chance

Give a chump a chance


Trump is a chump

Who is ruled by his stump

Albeit he caught that affliction

From his money


If he had none

He’d not be one

Touting for a hop

With a bunny


All the same I say this

Someone has rattled

That miss with a

Temptation far greater than a seal

No shame in her voice

As she makes the choice

To ignore an agreement

Then loudly squeal


Let’s make it quite clear

The sin committed here

Is neither hush money, action nor rent

Incitement to tell

By enemies, we know well

Of a man they call: - Mr President!


That chump did his rump before

He was raised to that White House Door

Had he not reached that peak

There would never be a squeak

Of him following a prostitute’s spoor.


Why can concentration

Not be the name of the game

There really should be no deviation

From running, well,  ‘first’ the country

Instead of all that effort in trying to defame


To that end ALL efforts should be

For the good of the people, I say

To get that running smooth, is Priority

Then,  get you out and go-play!


A Scallywag.


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