Foolishness and G.O.D.

Foolishness and G.O.D.


You are charged with foolishness – They said

This is silliness, I replied

To have a Diety up on such a charge is madness

When all I have done is make some such as I.


They are –as you put it- struck in your likeness

But that is where the similarity ends

Their mental make-up is constructed without thought for consequence

Because their contents shall never –truly- blend.


But that is a mistake, not foolishness

So why charge me as you have done

Because your thoughtlessness has caused this problem

And, we know you sent down your only son!


True –with bowed head- I made and love that planet

And tried to save those beings so

But, –In a saddened whisper- When they Crucified him

I realized; I am still learning, with such a long way to go!


Take you heart in the fact of your doing

It is a beautiful planet that you made

Had you not inhabited it with those human extracts

It would have been a wonderful Esplanade

Both for adventure and serenity

Sadly they’ll destroy it now;

 Those beings of serendipity!


My biggest fear, my big mistake, short on DNA

A miscalculation of input,

Their output made that way 

Too much avarice, to much fervor

Too much of that which makes them destroy

Instead of wanting to save

Too much inconsideration

It will take that planet to it’s grave


In retrospect I plead guilty

To the charge of foolishness

I was foolish by being too hasty

Which led to such carelessness

What do I do now to amend

How can I appease you all,

whilst waiting for this planet to end?


We accept your guilty plea G.O.D.

Your task now does be this: -

You must keep your promise to allow free will

Until they fire themselves into their abyss

But ensure as they travel that route

That none escape from this

We cannot have such beings

Roaming our universe

Calling greed and violence Bliss!


And so it is written….  Our final page.

We had free-will and squandered it

By allowing too much rage

Even those who ruled us

Did-so with greed, stupidity, deceit and lies

So it is only right for our destruction

to come from within, not from the skies.

Why should he who made us

Be saddled with such a horrid deed

When all he has to do is wait…

… until we destroy our own seed!


Such things follie can do,

imprudence and recklessness too

Idiocy is on that list and the next shall be;

Foolishness, A guilt for G.O.D!


By A Scallywag.





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Big Sal

Sat 24th Mar 2018 21:14

Very vivid back and forth between the bold and non-bold lines. Good read here.

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