Not a happy ghost

Poem:- Not a happy ghost!




A son, A son I dreamt of fathering

For many years as daughters did flow

Settled did I to not having one

 My loving children eased that blow.


I made mistakes with my life

What a toll it took

Cost me time with my children

Then my wife took me to book


As if it were, life took pity

A boy child came my way

I really dug in to give him all

Denied him naught they say.


Tried my best to nurture

Took him everywhere

Pointing always to the rights and wrongs of life

As we- and the Welsh hills- did pair


Cannoing, cycling, walking

No mountain was too high

I took that boy all over Wales

As the years, too quickly, passed us by.


All of a sudden he was a young man

With friends who taught him wrong

Bit by bit he drifted from my teachings

It was like a woeful song


My friends they kept telling me

‘He’ll right himself one day

But my heart is bursting from the thought

That he will go worse, and then decay


I wish for things to be better,

 but what I wish for most

For that lad to make me a happy man

NOT a happy ghost!



A Scallywag.


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