A conspiracy for Corona life

A conspiracy of Corona life!


Contemplate this all - as the truth

Then try and prove it as a lie

Corona 19 is but subterfuge

A test - for us all by and by



How would the World masses react

To being ordered to stop-in every day?

No more flying here, there nor to anywhere

Due to the virus, they must GO home and STAY!


No seeing your dead to their grave

If you are not well stay at home in your hub

Keep your children at home also, without sport

No entertainment AT ALL and.... NO PUB!



Begone you're mad, nobody woud stand for such!

But they have done, and not a peep is heard.

So, a conspiracy this could be... couldn't it?

I know it sounds so absurd!


Now look at the reason for their motivation:-


Humanity's survival.........

We now have 8 billion people on this Earth

We cannot feed them all forever, it's unsustinable

It so truly is... that's a fact...   not Mirth!


So the idea of a proper pandemic, as a controller.

First brought fears of mass-rioting ... and more

So Corona was introduced as a tester

Just so they'd know ... certainly... for sure!


So Now, all they have to do is introduce a stronger strain

And blame those who are being stupid by not sticking to the rules

As we begin to die in our millions

Whilst blaming those idiotic fools.


The conspiracy become a success as many die every day

At a certain score of deaths, a miracle vacine is found and shared

Then, slowly, the dying ceases

As prayers of thanks can be loudly heard.




There'll be much sorrow as we mourn our loved ones gone

Then we shall revere our saviour/leaders with true thanks

As we gratefully settle to live once again.

In this World where so many were annihilated ... without tanks.


Our leaders wll then faithfully assure

That such shall never again, ever be!

Because that miracle vaccine shall ensure

At least fifty per-cent  have irreversable infirtillity!


Absurd????? ..... Really????

Prove it to be a lie!

The truth is: - If we wish our species to last longer

A lot therefore ... have ...  To  Die!!!!



A Scallywag.











◄ Gold of Liverpool


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