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None to compare.

It is not of a blank expression
Merely a lust of some sort
expressive, none the doubt.

I can't captovate ones decision
just by saying a few words by demanding
a quote from an inner self 
that involuntary decides an explosive question.
Though, one may doubt a notion
to become greater than those of idoration.

But who am I to be one of those of such adoration?

Further more, it is my prive...

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I am aware that this place is mainly for Poetry. From what I have come across at least.
I found myself in a sudden state where I wanted to type whatever came to mind. No better place for people to read my writing. I am not looking for comments, I am not looking for feedback. I want a place to write where people don't know who I am. This was the only place I could think of.

Days draw in and out. ...

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I sleep with violence

I sleep with violence.
No hope for dreaming.
I lay awake with the drowning feeling
that my better half will leave while I'm crying.

It is a deepenging sense of withdrawn effects
that my inner sense with-takes the defects
of a never ending pendulum.

Every course in which,
well, in which it's surrounding,
I can't suffocate such intoxicating awareness
that my dreams are ...

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Loyal to You.

I'm loyal to my company.
Feed them as they please.
Take control of their needs.
And give them every thing.
I love to make them comfy.
Warm and tidy.
My needs aren't worthy.
So they say.
I grab a dish.
Make them eat.
I grab them drinks.
Get them drunk.
I'm off in my corner.
Feeling numb.
I think I'd make it as a bum.
I grow tired quick.
I'm sick of them.
Drank my wine.
You drank y...

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My sin I misunderstood.

Ropes may burn your skin.
Thick as a skull,
twisted as a sin.

Plenty to fill a position,
if you're pleased with its skin.
To take part in revelation,
to be King, is not the end.

Many walls, early years.
Many hills, later valleys.
Not many entries to descipher your galaxy.

Take part in which the sand destroys your land.
Or which is it I stand tall and noble to place my hand upon your nam...

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I escaped the reaper.

Please don't walk away.
Please stop by the door.
Don't slam it in my face,
just hear me out.

Time slips past.
Faster than we blink.
One moment it's here,
the next we're dead.

It fears our lives,
we fear its cost.
Taking our breath,
laughing in our faces,
stalking all our good times,
and preparing for failing.

The wire tripped the reaper.
Time to run. Time to hide.
A thinning air is...

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Depression. And not the money kind.

The back of your head
the bottom of your heart,
become a tomb dug for tears.
There's no stopping it.
There's no hiding it.
It swallows you whole
and throws up your sorrows.

Trash is dispensed through a worm hole.
All other facets are leaking out.
Creeping, crawling, tugging,
always looking down.
Up seems impossible.
Smile seems unpleasent.
Crying, well crying seems decent,
let's do t...

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Our World.

Wrapping itself in favor of many.
Tapping its tag to a shield paper.
Remembering the times of forgotten tales, 
Behold, it's a newcommer of sinners.

To which we owe nothing.
Too thousandths drowning.
Two dozen roses sent,
upon a draft worth defending.

It saves gold, silver and plenty.
Plates of steel, wraths made greedy.
Forks may stab the wounded,
but forteresses stand tall with an ene...

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She said she wanted to give away her breath.
What is wrong with that?
Always left at home.
Or left at the bar.
Either way, she was left alone.
it's not like her friend followed her everywhere she'd go.
And every time she left her behind,
she felt a piece of her disappear.
Yet her hands continulously held on knowing there was a future.
She would hear voices that ended up on a page telling ...

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