She said she wanted to give away her breath.
What is wrong with that?
Always left at home.
Or left at the bar.
Either way, she was left alone.
it's not like her friend followed her everywhere she'd go.
And every time she left her behind,
she felt a piece of her disappear.
Yet her hands continulously held on knowing there was a future.
She would hear voices that ended up on a page telling she was lonely.
But she didn't listen. She never listened. Why would she?
When her best friend is stuck at home being drunk on nothing but a sum of none,
her best friend was never home to greet her with phrases defined as a hug.
Off she went when she came home, party her gaze, wasting away.
You see it's not the typical story of a friendship of two enemies.
Rather than a story of friends that are torn between the same memory.
That they share.
Follow me here.
one day she said to her best friend, "Why can't you stay with me?
Why do you have to part from memory,
always making me feel incomplete?"
Back to her, "because...
you never fully agreed you understood me.
You never accepted me for truth of which we have become.
As one.
I was born with the same false.
I wasn't an add on in your story."
Tilted head, lips parted, "I see.
So this myster that repeats, 
is this a story that will continue?
Or a tale that will stop and never be revealed?"
"I leave that up to you.
You leave me no matter where you go."

History will repeat itself. 
Tales will become tall of a sad song sung in a harmony.
Drapes will fall in background as a prop,
truth will never succeed to its galaxy.
An act of courage isn't always a day of high hopes in being strong for those who have none.
To overcome those walls is to tear down your own and face the mirror
with the strength you face to every one else.
If she gave a little more effort,
she wouldn't leave her true best friend at home.
She wouldn't feel left alone drowning in the couch.
A part of her was always missing,
no matter what the distraction.
A part of her will always be gone
if she doesn't focus on the underyling issue.
So she begins to solve her puzzle-the crack in the mirror-her best friend.
She left her alone, all while she left her alone.
It's not a math equation to solve, 
it's not a self-explanatory situation that can be pieced together in days worth of logs.
Never did she insist on dieting out rules between her best friend of herself,
nor the drinks that kept them apart.
She conversed with the inner,
challeneged reality of what really brought her down,
and came to a sense that patterned out reasoning hiding behind those bars.

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Amelia TenBrink

Sun 28th Dec 2014 02:50

Fixed. Thanks

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Tommy Carroll

Sat 27th Dec 2014 00:10

"galazy" prey tell...T

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