Depression. And not the money kind.

The back of your head
the bottom of your heart,
become a tomb dug for tears.
There's no stopping it.
There's no hiding it.
It swallows you whole
and throws up your sorrows.

Trash is dispensed through a worm hole.
All other facets are leaking out.
Creeping, crawling, tugging,
always looking down.
Up seems impossible.
Smile seems unpleasent.
Crying, well crying seems decent,
let's do that again.

Typical black cloud labeled above.
When it rains, it pours,
no logic can make sense.
You spot a wonderer, 
distant and feared.
You count to ten,
hoping they turn around.
You feel like you can sleep for a year,
then realize you already did.

Ten begins to go back down.
Getting closer to one.
People are looking at you now,
spotlight is on.
They say,
"You have so much to be thankful for!"
But what they don't say,
"Who the hell have you become?"
I say back, "I know, and I am!"
What I don't say,
"You can take my cloud. 
If you want to,
wear it around for a day.
Slip into my shoes,
why don't ya?
Make sure they're snug.
Let the cloud rain on every thing you have.
Let the dark pull you under
when your love scratches your back.
Let your smile disappear in less than a second,
but be prepared to answer any questions!
Don't forget to bring back that smile,
so no one worries.
If hiding is what can keep them away,
make sure your mask is painted every day!
Come back tomorrow,
let me know how it feels.
Compare your darkness to mine,
and if you want,
the cloud can become your fear."



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Amelia TenBrink

Wed 31st Dec 2014 00:07

Thank you.
It goes something like that :) Close enough, haha.

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Nigel Astell

Tue 30th Dec 2014 13:25

This depression of the emotional kind is well written.

One smile seems to be asking another to join it to save both from drowning in a sea of tears.

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