Loyal to You.

I'm loyal to my company.
Feed them as they please.
Take control of their needs.
And give them every thing.
I love to make them comfy.
Warm and tidy.
My needs aren't worthy.
So they say.
I grab a dish.
Make them eat.
I grab them drinks.
Get them drunk.
I'm off in my corner.
Feeling numb.
I think I'd make it as a bum.
I grow tired quick.
I'm sick of them.
Drank my wine.
You drank your rum.
My book is calling.
Call of duty has won.
My pillow soft.
Your chest softer.
Your exhales of breath.
My dreams are of offer.
Eyes of moonlight, 
company won't leave.
This is our time now,
they just intervene. 
Bed is calling.
Screaming now.
For you on bottom,
on top is my crown.
To feel your warmth,
is my blanket of tipsy.
So when your rum dies down,
please, just call me.

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Amelia TenBrink

Thu 8th Jan 2015 00:20

Thank you, I appreciate your feed back :)

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Andy N

Mon 5th Jan 2015 22:09

i like the last few lines in this piece in particular as i can really hear the plea in this.. excellent

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