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Til the bitter end

We say we'll love until the bitter end
Well be careful what you wish for
I tasted the bitterness at the end
Tainting any sweetness which came before

With the bad taste in my mouth
I look inward at myself and wonder
Have I always been this way
Selfish and inconsistent
Without redeeming qualities 

I know the past wasn't kind to me
But how could that break me beyond repair
The fault li...

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Face in the crowd

I pick your face out from the crowd 

And you're all I can see 

As we pretend to be strangers 

I waited the one hour train journey 

Hoping you would join me

But you never did 

We remained separated by a single carriage 

Little did I know you had far more in your arsenal to separate us

A Trident like deterrent 

How did it come to this?

Well actually I do know the answer...

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Day 2

"idk, but we can try"

what does that mean?

and why do you continue to 

contact me?

W   H   Y   ?

you said you want NO ONE.

then that includes me,

my time,

my love,

my care,

and my company.

If you want to be truly free,

then be free without

any parts of me.


so i did not respond,

but i am tempted.

how would that work?

how would we......

how ...

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Day 1

Yesterday, was day one.

A day of being alone,


Thinking about how my mind 

has yet to understand what happened.

what makes you everything they want,

but not wanted at the same time.


what is it? 


for someone to bring you in on their journey,

then blame the journey for the reason


they   no   longer    need    you   .


they need freedom,


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can't fix love (Matheus L. Duarte)

You hammered nails into our bed’s headboard

The wardrobe’s frail, but you said you could fix that too

And I answered: “do we even have glue?”

You always complain when I try to think forward

But monday’s gonna rain, what if we have to buy more?

Who’s driving to the store?

Isn’t it dangerous to drive in the storm?

Isn’t it best for us to just conform that... some things cannot b...

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Uncalculated Coitus

You touch me with your cold hands that have touched too many.

Finally making me feel seen and desirable.

As I gaze intently into your eyes, I notice you are not searching to see my soul.

You are simply seeing the face and lips that lie before you.

I hold hunger to be in your world, you only hold hunger to be in my body.

Although when you hold me tight, everything seems to be alrigh...

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she's so pretty

I watch you with her,

I’m stupid for caring,

I watch you with her,

Gosh she’s so pretty,

It’s not fair,

Her hair,

Her eyes, her smile,

She drowned you,

She pulled you in,

I’m scared you’re stuck in her trap,

But gosh she’s so pretty,

On the outside and within,

I see why you fell for her,

It would be so easy,

I wish you would fall for me,

I understand th...

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comparisonprettynever meHeartbreakgirlgirlhood

scattered constellations

the walls are crashing,
my head is banging,
I hear them in the back laughing,
my pants too big,
my stomach too chunky,
why should I care?
I don't compare to the accepted chicks,
the ones with perfect hips,
straight teeth, clear skin,
I have jagged fingertips,
my cheeks are bare,
my lashes staggered,
all my feelings are shattered,
why would he choose me? 
he would never choose me,

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where we once stood

can’t you see it in my eyes?
can’t you tell by my face?
i romanticized the idea of you,
putting you on a pedestal,
we were surrounded by people but alone,
everyone thought we were incredible, 
but i could tell by the tone,
of your voice,
by the look,
in your eyes,
your perspective was changing,
and so was mine,
scared to be alone with you,
felt alone next to you,
now alone without yo...

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Treading Water

We sit across from eachother

Our hands clasped tightly over the table

And in this moment we have everything

And yet we have nothing at the same time

Eyes locked on our targets 

I can see your soul 

It's calling me like a beacon 

And I feel awoken 

We lean in closer to this moment 

Feeding off the energy like vultures to flesh 

I could drown in those blue eyes

If I ...

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there’s cobwebs

on your side of the bed.

not the same bed,

across state lines

in a town by the coast

where no one knows our names.

I am afraid to disturb them,

to make a space as unfillable 

as the miles between my window

and the haunting moon.

I am afraid most days,

as memory slides into silk shadows

lurking on the edges of rest

like cobwebs

on your side


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Wednesday was always our day

The only constant across the many variations of “us”

Drinking as friends in the pub

Drinking as “friends” in the pub

Your hand on my knee in the pub

Definitely more than friends in the pub

Kissing in the pub

Sharing our scars in the pub

Falling in love in the pub

Laughing less in the pub

Difficult conversations in the pub

Crying in the ...

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The splinter inside me

The memory of your love remains like a splinter inside me 

I can get by now most of the time, with it undetected 

But every so often it will still catch on something and snag

The essence of you has gone through me like a thread through the eye of a needle

I continue my life, with you stitched into everything that I do

It gets heavy, carrying around the weight of this loss

I remin...

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Home is where the heart is

We have something

I know this because I keep trying to tell myself it's nothing

To help me walk away

But we always come back like the tide to the shoreline

Coming back to you is like coming home

Coming home in the dark of night when you've left the light on

The rush of warm air that greets you as you step inside

Close the front door behind you


You were my home

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LoveLoverslove poetrylove poemsromanceHeartbreakloss


How can one be so consumed by emptiness

Isnt that an oxymoron

The presence of your absence is felt always

We talk in terminal language

Yet it still feels unfinished

A connection was made which cannot be undone

I am forever changed

Your love is not unrequited 

See there are things we still share

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love poetryloveromancelossheartbreaklovers

Last Lies

I told you I wouldn’t write you any more poems, 

And in that, I lied 

For don’t you know 

You’ll always be the apple of my eye 

However this poem is different, it’s unlike mine 

I mixed others I’ve read

Hoping you’ll someday see what has been said

May you read the rhymes and know it’s me 

But the mix-up of phrases I wanted you to see 

That despite my best efforts 


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Desperate Despair

I am trying to move on 

As I’ve realised this time you’re truly gone 

But what am I supposed to do 

When everything reminds me of you? 

Every day, I have been searching 

For you, my lonely heart has been yearning 

With a pit in my stomach and a lump in my throat 

I found your account and now I know 

All my suffering has been in vain 

My broken heart and all my pain 


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Lost Love

Words cannot express the pain 

I feel at your hands once again 

My entire heart has been torn apart 

Smashed on the ground into tiny shards 

Like the Christmas ball that bore our names 

Scattered over the floor, all in vain 

And while I hurried to pick up the sharps 

I looked up only to watch you laugh 

In my desperate attempt to fix what’s broken 

For you to tell me I’m...

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