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I Swear I Won't Mourn You 


I swear I won't mourn you 


I won't miss the days 

Of snuggling up to you 

Of you kissing away my fears

Of the long phone calls talking about our days

They never happened anyway


I won't miss the time you visited

And baked my favorite dish

And watched the kids while I went for a run

And folded my laundry tightly

It never happened anyway


I won't mi...

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The Vagabond

she is the vagabond

who wanders with the winds

forever adrift 

a prisoner to her sins


by dawn she appears

nextdoor, or nearby 

she’ll pay you no mind

nor lift you an eye


now, offer her aid

let her stay for a while

she’ll throw you a laugh

or feign you a smile 


but soon as you stop

and question her ways

her grin disappears

her eyes fill wi...

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A loss of life & words

I lost my Brother, and my poetry went with him

Words replaced by a bottomless hollow

Knowing he has not one more tomorrow 


The words I needed drifted away

Hiding from the light of day

Wallowing in a sea of grey 

The sea, which drowns us all

When someone dear passes away


He liked a drink, and liked a fag

But was the best brother I could have had

'A good looki...

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The Flickering Of A Candle

There was such a tenderness 

In the beating of her heart

But, such a terrible wailing 

To go unheard 

Her hand lay open & empty 

Her eyes

Mostly closed

A smile could occasionally flicker

Like the flame of a candle 

Dancing before it becomes smoke.


On that last night 

When the rain poured

And the moon hid

Her hand slowly closed

Her cheeks dimpled with ...

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We Are Legion

These words that I speak

These words I now write

These flat voweled phrases

These poems I indite 


This love of things dark

This love of things light

This fondness for nature 

This ease with the night 


These moments of joy

These moments of fear

These hands clenched in fists

These thoughts holding clear


This taste for fine wine

This taste for che...

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Phantom Hands

Grief casts complex shadows
over the wilting body
You feel the fingers grasping
as sirens rise again
This fatalistic ritual
an energy made negative
and stomach knotted up
by such unhelpful thoughts

Pain rips at your sails
thunderous and wild
is it the body breaking down
a message poorly translated
The shrieking of absence
cuts deep into the gut
those hands twist and grip
the cycle...

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Gracious as her title
God Blessed the earth with this noble warrior by name
Like oxygen to survive she is vital
Unique lady unlike any other
For Jane we are blessed Bright mother
Her heart dances and sings
Fine cut like a diamond
As golden as her rings
This lady is flamboyant as true as her beauty
She oozes style
Eyes sparkling like stars I see her soul in her smile
She cares and loves

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Language Barrier

I’m screaming at the top of my lungs

But she can’t hear me.

I might as well be yelling in French or Spanish because

She just doesn’t understand me

When I tell her I can’t do this.


She doesn’t get it when I tell her

I don’t know—

Je ne sais pas,

Yo no sé

—how I’m going to see this through.


It’s like my brain es en fuego from all

Of the información being ...

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