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Why do I not dream of you?

The ocean grows darker, it's calling too deep

But I build a bastion of love in my sleep 

So why do I not dream of you? 


Why do I not dream of you?

A lawlessness reigns in the unconscious sphere 

It whispers of fragments, a sense that you’re near

So why do I not dream of you? 


Come, now let me dream of you

Let us run freely in worlds w...

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Life ‘n’ God ‘n’ Death ‘n’ Stuff

Where on earth (or space) did we come from?

What intrepid seed made us be?

I like the idea of God

But, my mind's eye won't let me see


They say we're all made of stardust 

So, perhaps, there lies a clue

Just molecules & atoms congealed 

From the old primordial stew 


Were we once nebulae or quasars?

Drifting upon solar winds

Dancing to songs of the universe 


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For Whom

With the consistency of smoke
eventually, our ghostly hands
must let go of this life
We may be thinning and fading
or still strong but cut down
However it’s done
the knot must inevitably untie

The light travelled so far
to dance upon our faces
We're alive, as nature is alive
to be strange or just to be
All that energy must return
into the freezing depths of space

Every smile, ever...

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Low Winter Son

I kick away the leaves
uncover the carved stones
And reading your names again
I let those feelings flood in

The two of you rest together
laid deep beneath the earth
There’s a tree that grows above you
and here’s me, treading my own winter

Life was in wealth, awhile
but I’ve been chasing that warmth 
for three decades now
I’m tired and my body aches

There will be fireworks tonight

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Bold & Silent

I turned the volume down so I could hear you.

Everything is still too loud.

Too many voices, and not the one I needed to hear.

I want to hear.


Mourning that lasted for nine hundred sixty four days.

Salty tears soaked waterlogged greenery.

Droopy head. Droopy leaves.

Pruning a root bound plant



Acclamation felt like dormancy

Dormancy was intense


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griefmourninggrowthsolitudeguardian angeldeathflowersvisionschange


It dawned on me

as the sun rose

and the blood red flowers

reflected my life and my dread

a hemorrhaging of vivacity

animated in the comic book

that is life and death

A seriously humourous tome

in which I am bound

until the conclusion

of the final chapter

when all has been fulfilled.

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About Love And All It Is Not

Love is, 

replacing the soothing touch of water 

with the burn of swirling red. 

Love is, 

broken glass on the ground, 

not being able to differentiate red from red.

Love is, 

freely seeking comfort in another’s bed, 

knowing your own will be empty anyway. 


Love is, 

conceiving a child, 

in the hopes it will turn your lives around. 

Love is, 

heated argu...

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abusetoxic relationshipsuicidepoetrydeathlove

To Love A Fire (Is To Burn Brightly By Its Side)

The crackling of the fire lures me closer.

Meat sizzles and shrinks under the sheer heat of it.


A fire full of fury, hissing and spitting,

at anyone who dares to move closer.

It attacks my senses; the smell of burning flesh, the feel of warmth.

I can’t move away.


I’m enchanted, trapped, devoted,

to keeping the flames flickering.

To feel its warmth infiltrating my ...

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violent death

beyond sunsets of tangerine

past seas of aquamarine

crimson pouring out of me

I face my final color scheme 

darkness comes

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Almost There (Where?)

Is it the light 

At the end

Of the road

That I perceive

Or is it simply

Heaven's ethereal glow

That shines upon me?

An end it is,

No matter what form,

A means to end,

So I go on.

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Constancy and Humility

Life can recognise
Caste, religion and colour-
A disease of three symptoms:
Caste is engaged with skirmish,
Religion flares up with sudden
Intensity of furiousness, and
Colour creates dissociation.

None but DEATH is constant:
He never plays the role of an actor,
He never does judge on caste, religion And colour:
He believes that there is no gap
Between the palace and the hut.

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To Love Is To Die

A love so fierce,

has taken ahold of me,

that ‘I’ is no more.

My form, my soul,

is now entangled with hers.

Where do I end and where does she begin?

I now only exist,

as an extension of her.

When my name leaves mouths,

I pray for it to always

be accompanied by hers.

Whenever she is in my vicinity,

it feels as if I could ascend into infinity.


To love her,


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Whispers From Death

Dew-covered grass 

covers my naked skin. 

Flowers sprout 

from where I have been. 

Day and Night 

hastily clock in. 

Running to their positions, 

preparing their respective scene. 


Not that I can see.

The layer of dirt that separates 

from what is and has been, 

no longer that thin. 


Breathe Death in, 

for it is I who nurtures the earth 

who give...

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Love Is A Violence

And if you must pierce my heart
With a dagger so sharp,
Caress with it my cheek
After you've retrieved it.
Paint my face soft,
With the violence of your love.
It is for you who my heart beats for,
Thus it is by your hands that it should stop.
May the wind blow you
My final breath to.

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There were fireworks tonight

There were fireworks tonight
And each time there was a spark
It reminded me of your heartbeat
You're still lighting up my life everyday 

Every breath I take is harder than the previous
My life is so incomplete without you
It feels like I'm breathing underwater
Where oxygen is scarce until you come back up

I would do anything to have you here with me
Life seems to be getting harder as ...

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Trapped in this 
claustrophobic body
as it ages
plummeting towards inevitability
all youthful thoughts 
of immortality thrown aside
by reality
where did life go
when did life go
a speeding train that makes me move more slowly 
the longer the journey takes
sometimes at a snail’s pace
towards a final stop where I get off 
and out 
and gone

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sad poemsdeathlifegetting oldtrappedclaustrophobiametaphor


Erecting her easel
at the foot of the boardwalk
she mixes the paint
a hell-fire pink and crimson
and dips her brush to begin…

She paints
the end of all things
a voice lost to the fractured mind
the final moments of a life
a hand slipping away

She paints
farewell hospital conversations
her father’s beard as a cloud
she thins the blue paint with her tears
She colours in his eyes

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What Parties ?

How many

of your



as a result of


made by


















In the


If you are a




You have no


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inquirycovidevidencedeathAlice in Wonderland

Last breath

A culmination of my mortal wealth

The final veto of this body’s health

On this concluding course, I’ll steer the helm,

Towards divine perfection in heaven's realm.

Pleasures once played forcibly reduced in speed.

Aches and pains scream, “You fool, take heed.”

Sat alone at ease, awaiting death’s forecast.

Whilst silently reminiscing about a time long past.

No time now for re...

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Ne'er Dance

“I don’t dance,”

I told everyone who asked.

“I’m terrible at it.”

So I didn’t.

I sat on the sidelines and watched.


I used to dance.

I didn’t question it when my feet

Would tap of their own accord and my body

Would wiggle around with delight.

“I was young and I was stupid.

It was embarrassing.”


I’m still young and I’m still stupid.

I’m still terribl...

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lifedeathdanceteenage bullshit

Vanquisher of Death

One day Heaven summoned my name,
And I went fly away,
Confronting with DEATH I paused
For a while ;
Horrors of it closely I felt,
I began to trembling
As DEATH unfolded its black
I was unsure of what to say,
Still I dared to ask:
"O DEATH, why are you so brutal?
Why do you snatch the beloved one?"
Upon hearing my voice, He
Roared like the lion kneading me
And I tried
To loose ...

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Vanquisher of Death

One day Heaven summoned my name,
And I went fly away,
Confronting with DEATH I paused
For a while ;
Horrors of it closely I felt,
I began to trembling
As DEATH unfolded its black
I was unsure of what to say,
Still I dared to ask:
"O DEATH, why are you so brutal?
Why do you snatch the beloved one?"
Upon hearing my voice, He
Roared like the lion kneading me
And I tried
To loose ...

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Dead Rat

Flies gathered around its tiny body,

Its feet turned toward the sky

As if preparing to continue the

Never-ending rat race among the clouds.


People walk past and turn up their noses.

The only good rat is a

Dead rat, but why?


They exist just like us, their little hearts

Pumping just as fast as ours.

They scurry from place to place, ducking between

Giant meta...

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deathsort of a metaphorrat racequestioningteenage bullshit

Death Of Joy

Every time you look at me

You make me shiver  

Not in joy but in pain

Like suicidal impulses


Before the ages of God

Before the invent of clothes

Stars were brighter

We were the happiest


There was no word in between

Nor any sentence to form

Only a touch was enough

To feel each other within


Now the laws and the oaths

Rule the hearts and the mi...

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Deadly Devotion

There is no such thing as a river wide enough

to keep me from reaching you.

If there is no boat available,

I'll simply swim the whole distance for you.

Even if I get swept away by the current,

I will make sure my body reaches you at least.

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They judge me
All of them
Constant daggers of pity
Shooting from their eyes
For choosing the company of books
Over company of people
Loud music and
noisy dinner parties
Casual hangouts
where people
Talk and talk but
never seem to listen
You are missing out on life
They'd say
As they breeze out
for their quota of fulfillment
of this life
How would they ever understan...

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After The Holocaust

Here I am,

The last man survived

Nobody left to console

None to share the pain

The only fool to withstand

The holocaust


It is raining since

The last bullet fired

Perhaps to wash out

Human sins

Till a single drop of

Dead blood remains


Feeling ashamed

Of all the memories

Feeling guilty

Of human legacy

Feeling relieved

From war a...

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war poetrydeathholocaust

Home Interior

‘’See you tomorrow’’,

that was what you said.

Back then, I could not identify it as a lie.

I only realized when I got to your house the next day,

your hanging frame decorating the place.

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The Words

in the end everything seemed

to be superfluous,

our whims, our worries,

our everyday words

whirling in between

the four corners of any statutory affairs


in the end everything was

so predictable like the unfolding

of any well rehearsed drama

that our words became silent

like the tired desert

after the longest day of the year


in the end everything pushed


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A thousand times regret.

Choices made,
that cannot be unmade.

Stupid things,
done again and again.

laid for a useless life.

Coming to an end for some time.

At least death will be done right.

Kind of hard to screw that up.


(Photo taken by poet. It's the Pennsylvania hills behind Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob House.)

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I remember in poverty,
eating ramen noodles,

Beans and Weenies.
Meatless sauce

Rice, Rice, Rice,
without any real

Bologna Sandwiches.
Hamburger Helper

Fried Spam,
and all kinds of meat,

Hot Dogs on a stick,
burnt to a

Catfish from the creek,
yellow belly

Milwaukee’s Best.
Another broken

The cheape...

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