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Traffic lights go green, 

An empty late midnight highway

Gives the man the license to speed up. 

The speed limit marked 80 or below, but, 

Nevertheless, he gave in full throttle. 

Six hours ago, the girl seated next to him had dropped a

Text to her boyfriend that she’s with a friend; anonymous.


A sudden unexpected interception and 

The situation was under grave repercu...

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Bonfire In A World So Cold

I’ve learnt that it comes and goes in waves.

But what's important is to survive the tide,

Stay on deck and keep on sailing until the end. 


It starts and ends with us, or either of us, 

But it’s the innumerable memories

And unfulfilled dreams that feel betrayed.


Life goes on, and people move on quick.

But honestly, it’s the warm-hearted who stays, 

Like a bonfire ...

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The Interloper

A calm serene night sky with 

The moon shifting and stars glittering,

A drone hovering above with a bird view,

Sees the city lights that seem like fireflies. 

Minute-by-minute, lights wipe off. 

The man, the handler, clicks the images with

Wide and telescopic lens of cityscape and people. 


He gradually tilts the lens down 

On the opposite flat, like he always did. 


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From New York, With Love.

When I'd first met you, 
Can't explain how frenzy I'd behaved. 
From the daylight butterflies, 
To the dark night fireflies, 
I could feel everything around me. 

It was a feeling out of this world,
Like how the comets collide, 
Like how the stars collide. 
And people have wishes to make 
Of the loved ones they desire. 

I made a wish too. 
To grow old with you, 
To get to the countr...

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Dear Vincent

Last night I found myself 

Walking in an alley in a French town. 

Strangely, I was dressed vintage -  

High winged collar shirt and a tailcoat,

Alongside few passing Victorian men. 

The calendar in one of the French windows 

Of a restaurant marked the year 1887. 


Down the yellow house, 

At the corner of Place Lamartine, Arles, 

I heard loud furious row. 

It sound...

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america is a beautiful speech

speech of a term is speech of a speech
speech is speech of a speech
speech is speech of america
america is a figure of speech
speech is a term of speech
speech is a term of america
america is a term of america

america is a beauty of a beautiful speech
beauty is beauty of a magnificent speech
beauty is beauty of a magnificent term of speech
a beautiful america is the beauty of america

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May 17, 2019; 11:21pm

I find myself wanting to call you

A lot more often than I should

Considering the fact that I ended it

I miss you dearly

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break-uppoetryi miss youmaywriter


Tired of being here

Stuck in a frozen


Tired of waiting

For a voice

That is impossible

To hear.


Is like a curse

It is an ice

On my left shoulder

It is a melting alibi

Makes me say good-bye

To the little hope

Beating in my chest

Tired of asking

The questions

With no responses

Tired of seeking

The light.


Turns every corner


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sad poemspoetry

minus the soul,plus the body

my way or the highway
my way or the heartache
my way or minus the highway
my way or minus the heartache
minus the heartache,minus the highway
minus the soul,minus the heartache
minus the soul,plus the soul

minus the soul,plus the heartache
the mind,body is a plus of the soul
minus the soul,minus the body,plus the mind
plus the mind,plus the body,minus the soul
minus the soul is plus t...

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I am surrounded with the ghosts 

Each and every day I blame

The heartless bodies on my toes

I am surrounded by some dust

That has always been in their eyes

They look but just cannot see 

That their life is full of lies

Do you ever wanna be surrounded by the mud

Wherein their souls are stuck

Shall we draw this sharp line once again

Between our minds that have already g...

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poetrybig emotions

Down Memory Lane

within the range of your eyes

with the residue of love

like the mist descending

in your heart:

-is my walk!

and still I’m walking

with the lonely steps

of every single person on earth.

-from down memory lane......


is love haunted always by betrayal?

like dusk masking the sky?

or we make the error to fathom

each other's terror?

decide to cover up the past


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love sonnetpoetry

a old tale

mankind is a old tale
mankind is a old tale of respect
mankind is a wise old tale
mankind is a wise old respect
respect is a wise old respect
respect is a wise old tale of respect
honor of mankind is kindness of mankind

respect is a kindness respect
respect is a kindness old tale of respect
in honor of respect is in honor of mankind
a old tale is a wise old tale
a old tale is a wise o...

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a founding grace

from heaven to grace
from heaven to speaking grace
speak is speaking grace
speak is speaking the lord of grace
jesus is a lord of grace
speaking grace is speaking the lord of grace
grace is speaking grace

a son is a son of grace
a son is a son of the lord
jesus is a son of grace
jesus is a son of the lord
a son of grace is a son of a lord
heaven is a founding grace
a son of grace is...

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