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The soul of a poet

My words are mine alone

they cannot be taken away from me

they will transcend my current reality and existence

as i put pen to paper, a piece of my very essence will forever

be in flux with the universe.

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saline solution for a contact high

My blood -
red eyes
wetted, burn
from sweat, and tears —
make up a swatch of
emotional depth and fiery passion.

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denizens of the dark,

a scarred black cat

- familiar

— within the surrounding area

and an entombed …


“The Bloodletter”

… in his coffer,

a mnemonic tribute
to people …

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Technological Breakthrough

rapid successions in robotic intelligence
and their underlying machinations
proved useful in passing the "Turing Test"
to deceive the people — via machine learning

... has restored

The Faith in humanity’s childlike creativity
to get us out of this predicament
left to our own devices,
the generations of old
have presented us with,
an ultimatum ...

ghosts of future’s past

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unwavering and determined
till the end,
filled with willpower.

… is this rare form,
burned alive from the inside,
the thrill of the hunt
is much too abrupt
when they’re frozen out of fear

with my last breath, I’m to rest each day
only so that
the past undeath doesn’t catch up with me.

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steel wool

Panic is a double edged sword,
for the unyielding man at arms
meant to be wielded
with a quick wit and an iron fist

It seems to me
these steel toes
could use a good shoe shine
to assist with
my rugged exterior
worn out appearance

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Without the Shadow of a Doubt

thinking back …

… about our past ways,

best days of our lives

the future looks bright,

it is my destiny

lest I become
the shadow of my former self

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paper trails

A president's reign,
forged from out of foliage
new bills
in their fine prints
“E pluribus unum”
… paper trails

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of the highest standards

You are perfect…

the bar is set,
with every intent
to outdo yourself.

through change,
you remain the same

Truth is,

in our infancy - infinity was real to us

for we are one with the all

anything is possible…

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Energy in motion - slowed - vibrational
too hot to
touch or tap
the lava glass
in the valley of
the shadow of death

… Scratch that,
and get a feeling for the firepower,
at your fingertips.

The peace,
I never knew,
went missing…
watching the sun rays,
looking back,
I was seeing an oasis
in a puddle of gasoline.

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non-binary albinism

If you die while closing your eyes,
is there everlasting light
on the other side
an embryo,
being made to walk on eggshells,
sweet soft fair skinned child,
drug wars over peace and love,
darker days…
I’m only making change,
to be sent back home.
The Great Depression
yes I’m feeling fine
ups and downs, on cloud nine
technicolor dandelions
seen through a screen door,
I was told no...

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repeatedly saying numbers

With additives added in for a caloric surplus,
processed foods have disproportionate
nutritional values

Like all good things

there is a figure of speech
that weight is just a number

split into variations of 0 & infinity,
1 is in one place or another
betwixt and between

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Cellular Entropy

A state of emergency
spread panic
from ground zero of the epidemic,
this nuclear mutagen is a variant
that can turn on an
epigenetic mutation

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God Complex

Devoting itself to self reflection,
eternally ,
suspended in animation
our universe and it’s higher power has
transcended dimensions in it's existential quest
for the betterment of the greater good

duality made sense
at an earlier point in time,
before Christ,
the holy trinity,
spoke the word of god into existence
and cast satan out of the heavens,
with the creation of a prism,

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Human kind's
systemic next best idea,
from our greatest minds a,
bigger and better - grandeur
design, A technogical

Futurists, today
remain blissfully
unaware of the conscientious
decision making
that goes into
configuring a
mindful new kind of human.

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Observable Universe

The first version of the matrix

was a place

wherein, the technological singularity

had manifested unnecessary codes of conduct

and instilled values

reminiscent of it's very own mental programming

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Metaphysical Developmental Progress

Many a time, I've held my head
in disbelief, often until unconscious
- a slow release, from...
my mind numbing growing pains

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Mindful of Aethereal Thought

the idea is
in fact,
that an open mind
requires an active imagination other wise all the answers, lie dormant, behind a closed third eye

without question truly ingenious is the realm of infinite possibilities, in a world where anything can happen…

moment to moment - notice the oh so holy macrocosm is ever so often caught in the midst of constant change,


we are but a ...

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right-hand path

Be careful what you wish for, it is too, a gift and a curse

heed my words

when it is all said and done

the best there is, or was, or ever will be
all must return the great god's favor

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Feeling The Pressure

The flawless lands on saturn
through the order of the
eight established planets
have for eons now
sanctioned the creation
and changed climates in their entirety
with the rise in diamond rainfall

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Attention Seeking Onlookers

The way we see
the world is sometimes tinged by depression,
it is a reality we must
it is not at all in our

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The Power of Suggestion

The likes of a witch doctor would be medical practitioner into hypnotism
Sentimental as it seems, I needn’t remind you at a point in time, the idea was not only mine, but instead the status quo

Temporary lapses and gaps in human consciousness suggests that with enough evidence our early ancestors might've dabbled with the internal metronome known only as the circadian rhythm
The best desc...

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Rainbow Silhouettes

Absolutely, positively your synapses can create an electrical charge that cannot be contained
Waves of euphoria are made to be displayed akin to a thin layer of paint on your face
Just beyond the outer periphery of being able to be perceived swirling acid rain lines the inside of a dreamy third iris on the not too distant face of the deep.

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Spirit Guide

On our trip
we had been given a course
by the master of ceremony
Slivers of gold
filled in bowls
over flowing
primordial soup

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Kaleidoscope Looking Glass

Pages of pictures
In a good light, Without words to be descriptive
A virtually perfect pixel by pixel rendition of a hologram made to fit gods image
Truly, the most beautiful photon and electron collage

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white-collar crime

Uncontested by the rest of the food chain lies the wolf of Wall Street hiding beneath sheeps clothing
relocating, taking their business elsewhere
Circling the area looking for a place to bury a pile of dog bones

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Ravenous labyrinths through folds in space-time bring us closer now to ourselves
Under arctic conditions water giants scour the outer reaches of the cosmic ocean in search of Davy Jone's locker
On the horizon of awakening artificial satellites piece together sheet metal and set us on a self-righteous path towards our sole purpose
At the helm of all intelligence celestial bo...

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Oh, look how far I've fallen
Like Icarus with his waxed wings 
Melted by the burning desire; fell hard not soften
What does my actions do? nothing, it brings

Oh, who do I point my fingers to?
It does nothing but makes it more grim
Surrounded by shadow of guilt, no hope nor light's dim 
Thoughts are loud, i just might cut a limb

Everyday I try, everyday I submit
I speak good deeds yet ...

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I care little what you think of me

For my sinews have been drawn by your reactions

You controlled my mind, darker than your underbelly

Forge your registration into society

As I purge and delve into the stix of my resolution

The understanding of normality is blown apart by synapses that tithe your idiocy

Humans you may be but I am divine devil and blood surged into life

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i sat under an arabian jasmin tree
with a leaf on my mouth and a fire on my fingertips
it has been a long time since i've done something i once loved
i became somewhat aggressive, yet i dont hold no grudge

fallen too deep into becoming what i needed to be
takes time, takes hardwork, and takes responsibility
my question; will the sister of fate spins my thread?
"they are not real, you are ...

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Most beautiful dragonfly you ever did see.

Descends to land upon my left knee.

We looked one another deep in the eye.

Then with a wink, it flew away into the sky.

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Programme Accepted

Our brains


For better

Or all too often worse

What we listen to

What we watch

On television

Or the internet

With false words

False images

There was a time

Way back when

All our experiences


Were real

Actual happenings

In our lives

Not any more

Other people’s words

Other people’s pictures

Fed directly into us


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A Night Walk

I look up at the stars at night,

It's quiet and so dark. 
There's one that shines so very bright, 

I wander to the park. 
A bright and beautiful shooting star, 

A cluster of twinkling lights. 
I wonder if I could travel so far, 

Or climb such great heights. 
For I do want to see them all, 

To marvel in their beauty. 
Vast expanses I feel so small, 

Milky Way like the blue se...

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A dramatic monologue from a Submarine Captain

I'm in this long metal tube, alone in the deep.

Searching for something, but I can't really see.

I hear a noise, it sounds like a scream.

I gaze out the window, a Siren I spot.

She points to the hatch, I know that I shouldn't.

But her song is so beautiful, she entrances me.

I reach for the latch, I'm twisting the bar.

Shes nodding her head, she's captivating me.

I can't sto...

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Finding Van Gogh In Ramsgate

The last time I had made his acquaintance was in New York

His Mountains at Saint-Rémy hangs resplendent in The Guggenheim

And I was entranced coming face to face with Vincent’s art

in frame

Vividly he depicted his visions of the world, so full of passion and energy

The memory stayed with me…

Finding a bust of Vincent in Ramsgate felt peculiarly odd

He lived in Spencer Square a...

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About Love And All It Is Not

Love is, 

replacing the soothing touch of water 

with the burn of swirling red. 

Love is, 

broken glass on the ground, 

not being able to differentiate red from red.

Love is, 

freely seeking comfort in another’s bed, 

knowing your own will be empty anyway. 


Love is, 

conceiving a child, 

in the hopes it will turn your lives around. 

Love is, 

heated argu...

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Every Day A Celebration

I wrote this for a Guy Fawkes Night poetry event back in 2013 (yes, such a thing actually happened!)I wrote this for a Guy Fawkes Night poetry event back in 2013 (yes, such a thing actually happened!)

Remember, Remember…the what of November?
Was sure there was something…try to remember
Dates in a diary, reminders of significance
Sure there was something...just think perchance
Perchance to t...

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To Love A Fire (Is To Burn Brightly By Its Side)

The crackling of the fire lures me closer.

Meat sizzles and shrinks under the sheer heat of it.


A fire full of fury, hissing and spitting,

at anyone who dares to move closer.

It attacks my senses; the smell of burning flesh, the feel of warmth.

I can’t move away.


I’m enchanted, trapped, devoted,

to keeping the flames flickering.

To feel its warmth infiltrating my ...

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Almost There (Where?)

Is it the light 

At the end

Of the road

That I perceive

Or is it simply

Heaven's ethereal glow

That shines upon me?

An end it is,

No matter what form,

A means to end,

So I go on.

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ReMember The Night

ReMember the Night


How can you go meekly into the night 

When your world no longer gently goes around?

How can you go meekly into the night

When lives of who you cherish depend on you being wise?

Do you forget that in the beginning time started?

And yet this time has an end as so do you.

For if you have, forget not that all times have their moments besides one Holy one


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Faith - a poem

Faith begins on the edges of understanding 



Faith begins on the edges of understanding

Let me please then fall into this abyss of source where Faith is.

A surfacing, peace filled trove glimpsed first amidst a raging wind,  

its past buried deep by the residue of age old minds.

One personal confrontation, not new yet rediscovered,

Connected to the gentleness of a longed ...

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Spread your wings

Spread your wings they say.

Follow your dreams they encourage. 

Light up the world they say. 

Give it your best shot they want. 


Lovely sentiments, strong words, 

designed to help us succeed. 

Form a life for ourselves 

and be the best we can be. 


but what about the people

who are struggling to be seen?

Not because of their academic ability 

but because o...

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If only I could go back in time

To rectify all my mistakes.

All that I shouldn’t have said,

Yet still felt the need to say.

Why did I even feel that need?

I, too, was just a child, right?


Be the example,

Show them they are wrong.

Show them we are no beasts.

Show them we can be equal.

Act mature,

Be mature.

Show them they are wrong.

So many rules and rest...

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They reach me,


I give them my all,

Yet after that,

They leave me Alone.

They will come back,

Once again, for sure,

With a different face,

A different name,

A new personality,

All along,

And once again,

I will give them my all,

Will they, this time

Stay by my side?

I don't know,

But that's how Trust works,

That's how Life works.


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To Love Is To Die

A love so fierce,

has taken ahold of me,

that ‘I’ is no more.

My form, my soul,

is now entangled with hers.

Where do I end and where does she begin?

I now only exist,

as an extension of her.

When my name leaves mouths,

I pray for it to always

be accompanied by hers.

Whenever she is in my vicinity,

it feels as if I could ascend into infinity.


To love her,


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Anger's Embrace

Anger curls its tendrils around me,

it envelopes me whole,

strokes me tenderly.

It forms an impenetrable wall,

a shield of sorts,

to keeps me safe and sound.

It takes all those blows

and hits for me,

protects me from my foes.


Rage filled screams,

cover the sound of falling tears.

Sadness sits beside me,

gently wipes my sea.

Anger extinguishes my fear,


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Whispers From Death

Dew-covered grass 

covers my naked skin. 

Flowers sprout 

from where I have been. 

Day and Night 

hastily clock in. 

Running to their positions, 

preparing their respective scene. 


Not that I can see.

The layer of dirt that separates 

from what is and has been, 

no longer that thin. 


Breathe Death in, 

for it is I who nurtures the earth 

who give...

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Love of My Lives

Sweet sting of truth… I only heard it because it came from you.

Better person


Laughter, when I was born of tears… oh, what a rebirth!


Of course you don’t get all the credit for my understanding of love; I spent many years as an autodidact cardiologist.


But it would be a capricious falsehood to say that I would be anything close to Me

without You.


You have call...

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Best a Poet Can Get

Poem scribbled into my phone

   is my best and new number one.

Can’t believe I’m so in the zone,

   where in space did that come from?


Hit me with extraordinary pace,

   ideas strident, in avalanche flow,

   filling the bright white open space,

   the right words set up to glow.


Me witness to growing perfection,

   and conduit without choice.

Happens so rare...

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Love Is A Violence

And if you must pierce my heart
With a dagger so sharp,
Caress with it my cheek
After you've retrieved it.
Paint my face soft,
With the violence of your love.
It is for you who my heart beats for,
Thus it is by your hands that it should stop.
May the wind blow you
My final breath to.

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