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Spread your wings

Spread your wings they say.

Follow your dreams they encourage. 

Light up the world they say. 

Give it your best shot they want. 


Lovely sentiments, strong words, 

designed to help us succeed. 

Form a life for ourselves 

and be the best we can be. 


but what about the people

who are struggling to be seen?

Not because of their academic ability 

but because of their social mobility.


Some wings are broken.

Some dreams are shattered. 

Some of us have dim light. 

Not everyone can have a shot, 


So, before we aim for the stars 

take a look around 

notice the broken wings 

and provide a helping hand. 


Only then you can say i spread my wings and and offered my feathers to others. 


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Mon 25th Sep 2023 16:26

A beautiful, beautiful poem, Molly. Many in my family struggle with various forms of neurological/emotional, etc challenges that hugely impact social mobility. The broken wings, sigh. We all try to help each other. This poem gave me alot of comfort and inspiration. I read it several times and am sharing it with some family members. Keep on writing, Molly!

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 25th Sep 2023 15:42

Good message here. Like the analogy. However, I can also
understand the fierce determination of those enduring mobility
problems, social or physical, to do their own thing as far as
possible. Echoes, I guess, of the song lyric that resonated with
so many: "I did it my way!".

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