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The Cruelest Moon

There you were again
last night
Always dressed so well
exactly the clothes I’d choose for you
precisely the right smile
My dreams aren’t long enough
the scene shoots by
too soon

You come, you go
I long for you to stay a while
but you’ll never stay for long
Your wild mind, your hungry heart
yawn and snarl
before you turn and go
leaving me alone

Back into the night
you shuffle of...

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An Eyelash Breadth Between Us

Lit monochrome by the moon
we dance across silver sands
The waves scrawl
like these scribbled lines
written by my yearning hand

All this turbulent energy
flung into the swirling air
Conducted by my pulsing heart
This fool, who thinks he has control
of all you do to me

A wanton wind whips up the spray
and all I want to do
is turn the beat inside my chest into
sentences sho...

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To Love Is To Die

A love so fierce,

has taken ahold of me,

that ‘I’ is no more.

My form, my soul,

is now entangled with hers.

Where do I end and where does she begin?

I now only exist,

as an extension of her.

When my name leaves mouths,

I pray for it to always

be accompanied by hers.

Whenever she is in my vicinity,

it feels as if I could ascend into infinity.


To love her,


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Hearts Of Hers

Heart of mine
Won't you stand at my side?
Stop your traitorous speeding,
So that my cheeks may stop heating.
What is it about her,
That her whole being allures
What is it about her,
That has me needing more


Who gazes at me as if I 
Am the one who in the east rises
Who sees me wholly,
Not for who I pretend to be.
Who has replaced my blood,
as my life's elixer,

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longingloveromancePassionPoemheartsoul matemeaningpoetryqueer


It runs in my family
I thought I was lucky
That the gene had skipped me
But I was wrong
It's not a substance I cannot give up
It's you I am addicted to

Years went by
And the fire that once raged
Was nothing but a barely glowing ember
I thought I was done
That I was in the clear
But I found you again
And the feeling is creeping back in
The weight on my heart
I feel it with every bre...

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lovedesireLongingunrequited love

Love's Servant

As I was laying in the desert,

I desperately longed for the sea

and its waves to crash over me.

How could it slip over my head

that water can dry one out too?


There in the desert,

my throat was empty.

Constricting and relaxing around nothing.

Desperately trying to salvage 

the little droplets of water,

it could claw out of my mouth

to satisfy my needy self.


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Words Hidden Beneath Ink

A delicate touch on my skin.

How long has it been

since someone softly caressed me?

A touch so unknown,

yet Comfort finds their home.

As you trace the ink on my skin,

your eyes rake down my body,

drinking all of me in,

as if you have not drunk a drop of water 

for as long as you’ve been.

Your fingers on me,

feel like the first sunbeams that grace a leaf,

after a...

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tragedypoempainfarewelllonginglovepoetryismy life

Waiting For My Nobody

Tired souls sigh together,

lovers have given up on getting better,

but I will continue to stay with the withered tree until the end of times.

We have exchanged the word 'forever'

and thus I will patiently wait untill we are back together.

I will wait for you, my Nobody,

until my body cannot anymore.

Until my body decays

and my bones slip into Mother's embrace.

Even then...

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I Love Myself (Unfortunately)

I love myself.

Not in the way one would think.

I truly am in love with myself.

For there is no one in this whole wide world 

That could understand me, 

See me, 

Hear me, 

Apart from me. 

Therefore it is only myself that I can love

And it is only myself that can love I,

Whose song differs from the other whales. 

I love myself.

Not out of free will, 

But out of...

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Return To Me

Cold and dark

here I lay

waiting for you at bay.

The orange pearl is sinking into the seas.

Thousands of sand grains surround me,

yet I still feel so lonely.

I have given my heart to you

and now it’s sinking slowly in the seas.

I will wait for eternity

may the seas direct you back to me.

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