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Grandad's Shed

So many warm afternoons
spent in my Grandad’s endless garden
Home to my first and only treehouse
when air-raid siren tests
still filled those Northern streets 

And most magical of all
the rough lumber shed he’d built
A place of wooden-handed tools
you had to carefully maintain with oil
tools that would have been his grandad’s

A place where big furry bees
chose to die with dignity

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Never told you

Never told you

I never told you
How much I really loved you
or how much I really did care
That is my biggest mistake

I would do anything for you
Even lay down my life
In place of yours
Without a moments hesitation

I never told you
How stupid I felt around you
Or how you took my breath away
And I regret not telling you

But if I told you now
Would you believe me
Would it even...

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How It Should Bee...





Modern world blocking the transmission?

Too much traffic? 

A world too erratic


Does the whispering grass 

still play a tune

Or has brick and mortar 

brought it to ruin?


This world is so fast!

Take me back to the past!

It makes such a din

I don't know where to begin!


And cars, 

bloody cars everywhere!

If I had an...

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