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you know the bliss of evil

i've seen the smallest, tall creatures be eaten alive from the inside.

a quick glance to the left and under the bed will tell you all you need to know. 

the festering, rotten bed frame.

assembled by the very thing that chained me onto it for years.

but when i finally broke my own chords, vocal and the ones restraining,

another creature crawled from under the bed and took my place. 


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skinny dipping

skinny dipping


I saw the two of you at the spring

skinny dipping


splashing and having fun


were you on your lunch break

or did you call in sick?


if he ever swims away

you know that I am here

with goggles and snorkel tube


to show you things you have never seen before


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You're a Goddess he said 

A sexual Goddess 

There's something about you that makes me obsess 

You own me he said 

In that way for sure 

The queen of my bed 

I can't take no more 

This power you hold and your sweet non intention 

Like a spell you control 

This whole new dimension 

Fantasy maybe

Closeness is tension 

Yes shy modest maybe 

Sex Goddess Lady 


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You’re right

3 years ago, I viewed frogs as aliens

Now I wonder whether they’re angels

Months ago, I hated the sound of songbirds

Now I write their songs

I tweet along

Everything I did, I did do

It still was

Even if it no longer is

Whatever I am

I still am what I was

Even if I no longer am

You’re right

I was right and now I’m left

But the person I was hasn...

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