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Unhealed Heart

I saw people in love and I gagged

I congratulate myself for not throwing up

Though the realization saddened me

It signalled the beginning of an end

I was becoming tolerant to love again

What a tragedy for a heart not yet healed!



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When Somebody Loves You

When somebody loves you
They will find you
Alive or gasping for air 
They will find you
Under a pile of dirt when everyone has disposed you
They will find you
Bleeding and seeking a healing soul
They will find you
Dancing in jubilation for life has been kind
They will find you

But sometimes when you love someone
Be the one to find them
Maybe they're drowning needing saving
Find them

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my shadow

my shadow



my shadow is annoying

follows me everywhere I go


that is if the sun is shining


late evening my shadow gets elongated

and makes me look thin


at noon, my shadow becomes portly


the only shadow that delights me

is when I see your shadow enter my room

and float across my bed until the sun goes down.


I hold it until morning


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Hell with Love

I wish I could hate you,

But I can't.

I wish I could forget you,

But I can't.

If I have a choice between love and death,

I would have chosen death for sure.

But I can't.


Love is so stupid,

That it hurts

Making me so frustrated,

That it hurts

Amplifying the feeling of loneliness,

That it hurts

Can't even express all this in your face

It hurts.



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Morning Dew

The woody petrichor

tingles my nose

as she brings me coffee

under the dimming lights

of a pergola

The rain has calmed the air

And the dawn starts to crack the clouds

with shards of yawning sunlight

She smiles

Her eyes twinkle like morning dew

I watch her saunter away

 And take a hot, comforting sip

of coffee 

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A chink in the armour

I think I found the chink in the armour,

I think I found your disguise,

I think I found what lies beneath,

The true character behind those eyes.


A slip of the tongue whets truth’s cruel form,

And shows me what had yet been unseen,

The wrong choice of word, adjective, verb,

Makes dirty what once had shone clean.


And with that mistake, a whole character shifts,


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Rhythm of an August Day


Humble humidity 

fills the air

as a song drifts in








a cadence

for the breeze

to flirt with

Spanish moss 

and oak leaves 


A tiny spider 


your skin

as your lover 

across the lawn

shoots you

a wink


A crossbow


in her hand

and you

hear familiar


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Don't fall for someone

Don't fall for someone..
You will always break,
Don't fall for someone..
For yourself not to hate,
Don't fall for someone..
For your own sake

Love is beautiful if you are lucky,
But almost always it ends in misery.
Finding love and living happily is what you always see in movies,
But reality is not like the big screens.
Seeing the bright side, it's like butterflies,
But only after hea...

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Late Night, Harbour Lights

The air is warm tonight
the sea no longer ravenous
As the shawl slips from your shoulders
there’s a feeling that breeds in us
now, we are home
or close enough

A candle flickers at every table
the seafront cafes like crooked teeth
The harbour mouth is kissing us
with its swing bridge tongue and river beneath
We feel that we are home
or close enough

Tied by these rings
and the meani...

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I sat on our favourite 

park bench

Holding the echo

of your hand

Catching your smile

in glimmers of sunlight 

The cherry blossom tree

crying delicate tears

of soft petals

brushing my skin

with gentle kisses

I closed my eyes

and saw you shaking that tree

Blowing all those little kisses

over to me

Your smile like the sunrise 

Your eyes of sapphire blue


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Do you ever?

Do you ever just have tears fall down your eyes?

You have a memory suddenly flash and your heart begins to beat fast and before you know it you're back in the past 

You are wondering what did you do wrong to deserve all the pain from the one you loved 

You have done everything you can think of to get over the hurt 

You want more than anything to forget her voice, her hugs, her eyes, th...

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Long Distance Relationship

Just the first two words let you know about all the restrictions that you gonna have in the last word of this phrase. "Long Distance" because of which the only point of interaction you can have on a daily basis is via messages, calls, or video calls. This means meeting your partner in person is a very special occasion as it occurs after quite a long period of time, and much more things.

But how did...

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