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The Coming of a New Age

With every year's end - the advent marks the start of a new day,
as human kind we’re always growing wiser, furthermore, fully face to face with the task of taking baby steps toward a straight forward path —
It’s time to take a stand…
(With that being said: we really need to enjoy such a joyous occasion)
In an effort to boost morale; International Women’s Day should pronounce a two part holiday...

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             together that night
Under golden shards of starlight
Skin glistening with sweat & tears
A caress to hide our deepest fears
We trickled down like teardrops
Made mercury under a brightening moon
Lips Softly touching 
Hearts merging
The anticipation 
of the life we could have 
        If not for life itself
There was one last look
Through glistening pools of...

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Final Goodbye

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone that you once loved with all your heart!

It’s hard to realize that the time has come to let go and move on.

To move forward and heal your broken heart,

To say goodbye….

Goodbye to all the love that once kept you alive,

Goodbye to the future and dreams you build together; to the life you had.

The pain is so sharp, your heart wants to hold on jus...

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Friday, July 30, 2021

I’m reading Lydia Davis’s The End of the Story
in which a woman describes an affair she had
with a younger man and the breakup
and her mental wobble as she tries to recover.

I empathize with her I was there, too, in my
30s I was disturbed for years afterwards
maybe before.

I’m unsure about my whole life.

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The Glory of the Past

A dry leave reminds us the past
glory of the tree,
in the same way a lonely heart
tells us the days of love full
of joy and happiness in the past.

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Time Will Tell

Is it really a new beginning?

Or just a start to another finish.

I suppose it could be a way to a means.

Or a means to an end.

Or maybe just an ending to another new beginning…

Only time will tell.

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