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It Lies

no wintry night beats
and rattles my windowpane
like Marley's ghost

the freezing gusts, too, are a farce,
so is the unlawful snow

the Spring is just concealed
a bit short of here;
I know
buds begin swelling
though carpeted with ice
to delay






© Brian Hodgkinson Jr. (aka) Limericist 2021

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letter to spring

letter to spring / michael kwack



in a wind

there's a scent of spring


i've passed the winter away

in a far place alone


but only hours of emptiness

and got to write letters now


the last confessions

to me and others


then to meet the spring

in complete quietness

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This winter afternoon

Everything is calm

Everything is silence around me

I only listen to my thoughts

And the inevitable noise

coming from the heater.


I am sitting, staring at nothing



Deep wounds bleed again

Hard times come to me

Long sleepless nights

Wild parties

Expensive trips

Sad and old songs

Therapies, books, movies and...

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Tango of Snowflakes

Our first snow in so many years…

Can you believe it?

See the white coat that our life wears?

Let’s just go out and live it.

I will not watch life through the keyhole

Hypnotized by the view,

When I can finally touch your soul

And tango with you.

I’ve grown deaf in the spring rain,

In the summer heat,

But now when it snows again,

I hear your heartbeat.

The snowfla...

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life pathlovesnowflakewinter

To Everything


Evening darkness soon descends
forecasts the year’s frigid end
youth’s summer gently falls away
Halloween ghouls come out to play
patchwork trees flaunt rusty leaves
cornstalk scarecrows dressed in sheaves
croaking sentries guard a field
exhausted earth cannot be healed
fleeing geese, v-shaped escape
fear the northwind’s howling gape
death is here with icy claws
snowstorms bury all...

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agingresurrectionSeasons changewinter

The Gentle Birdsong Calling of Spring

it's right underneath,

brewing under my chest

this quiet whisper circling-

not spiraling downwards as 

i often tend to, but in a way a

gentle breeze swirls a handful

of leaves and they flutter away.

there's an inquisitive nature 

to it where there is somehow a

sense of magic at hand, and yet

somehow there must be a reason

to it all. a scientific process that 


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