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Don’t feel like I belong here

Feel like I gotta go

No need to question

I think that you should know

Tired of gazing at shoes

Tired of singing the blues

I feel like a prisoner


They’re all telling strangers our life story

They all find their comfort from their superiors

Tired of gazing at shoes

Tired of singing the blues

I feel like a prisoner


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Sleep Over

Sleep Over

The phone rings it’s for me

What you gonna say

You have a sleep over

The phone rings it’s for me

What you gonna say

You have a sleep over

Sleep over

Sleep over


All night all night all night all

Gonna have ourselves a sleep over

All night all night all night yeah


You bring a friend and I’ll bring mine

Gonna have ourselves a real good time


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Don’t worry now it won’t take too long

I feel the effect coming on

Sullen figure overhead

Points out what is good and what is bad


Hallucination Hallucination

Come again and end my frustration


Tongue tied with Northern Lights all night long

Tried to smoke a cigarette but it’s too strong

Voices in my ear tell me it’s alright

The impossible...

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Lori Looker

She greets you with a smiling face

A pretty girl with womanly grace

She couldn’t stand to touch anyone

The coldness felt made her come undone


I said Hey what have you done

I said hey yeah hey what have you done


Husband noticed some strange behavior

Rancid meat in the refrigerator

Psychosis calls to everyone

Writing sevens on the wall


Lori Looker



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Looking out from the inside

I find where to begin

Keep up on the outside

And letting them sneak on in


You’ve got your business

You’ve got your pride

But it ain’t gonna help you

With what you feel inside


Curiosity makes the best go down

Curiosity is going on in the town


People tell me they walk on by

Some give me a passing glance

Some stop and loo...

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lyricssongrockpunk poetry


The walls tell lies

So do not touch them

Especially if you feel lonely

You will feel icecold otherwise


Beyond the Moon lies

The exhausted star of your eyes

Do not wish on that star

And do not ever want to cry


The lyrics will become parts of lies

If your heart does not compose them

So do not sing, and pretend to be wise

Keep on feeling not the same

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Sauce For The Goose (Rough Justice)

1    Yes, I ran away!
      It was so close to killing me.
      I couldn't take the pain,
      But you think I should have let it end me.

               What kind of justice
                                 is without trial?
               What kind of friend
                                 fights on the other side?
               What kind of life?

2    And I couldn't...

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Buried Treasure

How precious will you say I am?
It was care to hold me as you did.
It was cotton wool to dry my tears,
And hard steel to start them.

And yes protect me from the world.
Yes yes, protect me from myself.
It's wise to know these precious jewels,
And carelessness to drop them.

And will you call me muchly loved?
How softly do you claim to tread?
It's gales around this house of cards!
And ...

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The Only Words I Know

Alternative Title : Ordinary Song

These words I sing
Are nothing special
Just like me

But they’ve a passion
And a beauty
And an urge to fly free.

These words that you hear
They’re not worth listening to
I fear

But I’ll sing them
Give them wings and
Let them go where they please.

These words, so alone
They may not find a good home
But they exist
And they persist
And they’...

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Anthem meaning an uplifting song identifying with a particular body or group or cause
Iv Googled the meaning of Anthem do i deserve a round of applause

To identify with me
A song must simply be

indeed with life experienced flaws
Performed by magical beings of course

Must contain variety
Mass Expression of empathy
Soft and delicate symphony
Guided through eternity
With a dash of his...

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Stride On

Oh......     another day  .... thrown away
                another pain .... nothing gained

       Stride on - to the sunlight
       Stride on - through the shadows
       Stride on - even though it's night
       Stride on - to the 'morrow  
              (to the sunlight)

But Oh..    another day  .... thrown away
                 another pain .... nothing changed


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Here Until Then

You put me in this place
and took away my means of getting out.
You put me in this place yeah
and took away my skill at getting out.

Well you may make me crawl, now
but I'll crawl out stronger when 
I crawl out.


    This is where I am, yeah
    But I won't be here forever, no
    And I'll know this place better when I go.
    Yeah you brought me low
    But I'll climb...

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Nature's Hug


Humming along with the breeze
La la-la-la
Singing a song with the birds in the trees
Oh Oh-Oh-Oh
Floating along with the clouds
Ahh Ah-Ah-Ah
Feeling peaceful now.

Oooo Ooo-Ooo-Ooo
Seeing the beautiful sky
Tra la-la-la
Watching the birds as they fly by

Happiness is as easy as this
Nature’s hug, Nature’s kiss.
All, all of life, as easy as this.

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Make A Space In Your Heart

Part One
        Though your day is full
        There’s so much to do
        It’s a busy life
        So hard being You

        Make a space in your heart
        Open out your mind
        Take a moment apart
        To see what you’ll find

Part Two
        Because the world – has so many places
        And in this world – there are so many faces
        Waiting for a smile

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Music To Live By

In films
they always have music
for all their moments.
I've wished I could.

If I had
my own song playing,
my own vibrant tune 
to live by,
I could dance
through life.

In films
you always know
the dramatic moments;
programs us to think
our own lives are empty,
or that we cannot dance
without a tune.

When the truth is
that we are full
with the power to create;
our own rhyth...

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