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Must I hold back 

Hold back on saying 

Excel in doing 

For the words may be too strong 

Strong words can weaken this angelic 

Beautiful soul at times

At breaking point

To heavily love somebody 

Like I do you can put strain on the heart 

If one way 

But for love 

It to be returned 

A constant circle of security

A pure heart too pure for purity

No barrier


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From the heartLove

Show me Your Love

I’m running but I’m not moving anywhere 

Can’t fade away

That’s always been my prayer 

Without Jesus

I would have no oxygen 

I would have no air

I’ve counted to many restless nights

Hoping it won’t be one tonight 

He says knock

And He will open the door

But to many times

I’ve been chained to the floor

Not being able to knock 

Satan whispers

That door is lo...

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Heaven and Hell

What is it that attracts us to other human being so much we can’t breathe?

What is that gate to heaven and hell?

What is it that attracts me to you?



Mutual confusion.

Eyes in the dark, like reindeers in headlights. About to live?

What was life? What was all that fear and anger? Sweat, trembling, catching breath so hopelessly.

So hopelessly lost in you. Forever.


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