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The Overthinker in Me

They say I'm a bit too much,
too much of everything.
Sometimes too caring and sometimes too irritating.
So here I am, under the constant worry,
'What if this is too much?'
So busy going around in my own head,
That I forget relations have to be maintained with the heart.

I'm afraid I don't know what I desire or deserve.
Is it wrong to anticipate a love of the same intensity,
or is it jus...

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Smoke and Mirrors (A Letter to Section Twenty Eight)

If only you saw they loved the smoke.

Know it were the shapes frolicking space

forming air they cheerfully choke on,

take a glass. Scoop it up drink it for them

swallow the haze, spittle on the mirror

mist this muse with thick saliva

so together they can press lips.

in the dusk where ignorance is shade,

the same as she and he did.


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A tall and wooden window’s open wide 

And lets the early summer sunshine slip 

Inside the dimly lit and narrow room 

And draw few feeble shadows on the walls. 


Beside the window stands a girl and looks 

Towards a very distant place, away 

From where she stays with shoulders brought in front 

While arms are tightly held around her waist. 


She wears a lively coloure...

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Star Crossed Poets

“All I do is kiss you, through the bars of a rhyme.” ~ Mark Knopfler


Sing to me 

one more time. 


Share the gift 

of your romantic 



You have the power 

to light up the night

with a flick of your pen. 


Show us where 

madness stops 

and love begins.



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Tuesday's Prayer

Lord mold me into 
the loving person
you created me to be. 

Help me praise, 
instead of complain.

instead of frown.

Look up, 
instead of down.

Reach out to the lost,
so they can be found. 



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Always Love You

I will always love you. For the sun and the moon to know, to let the fear flow, to let the earth turn slow. Universe is for the lovers...



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I don’t need you
to make me laugh
I know funny people

I don’t need you
to hear me talk
I have listeners

I don’t need you
for an argument
I´m surrounded by brilliant people

I need you
because me fingers
won´t stop trembling
and I keep panting

I need you
because my mind is
and won´t hold still

I need you
because my vision
keeps blurring
and I can´t see

I d...

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I wish I could tell you how much I miss you but there is no point in that.

I wish that things could be different but I know that they will not.

And I wish I could stop loving you but my heart is so torn and yet so full of love.

I wish I could turn back time and make you be mine.

But these are all wishes that God hears but doesn’t act on.

And everyday it’s a battle to keep moving on ...

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dreamsGodlovetroubled heartwishes

Do You Remember

Do you remember 
The first time we met
The second time we kissed
The third time we were back together
When we let it as it was
When we were almost there

Do you remember 
When it crawled up then chose to slip between our hands
When it became vulnerably tragic
When you were the lies and I could never be truer than the unforgiven truth 

Do you remember 
The wasted time we accidentally ...

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The Waters Of Love

There's cloud all around me
Grey from my ashtray
But I am not lost, not doomed,
Not yet anyway

This swamp tests me 
These waters are foul
My senses have failed me
My heart has thrown in the towel

These sweet limes hanging nearby
All poisonous fruits
My throat is so dry
And their citrus, a deep hue

I know better than that, I should
I should have tried harder than that, I could

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Heart of Stone


I have a heart of stone, that much is true.

I strive to be like the many, but alas I'm one of the few.

With a heart entombed in an icy shell, I try so very hard to quell,

What's surely hidden deep below,

What will it take for love to flow?

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lovelove poems

Jetty Song

entry picture

Her fingers tracing mine
Lily danced me out of the garden
those green eyes brimming lively 
with purest abandon
Then barefoot on the boardwalk
her summer dress riding high
she leapt onto the jetty 
and gestured to the sky

We let our tanned legs hang below
as we bottomed up the bottle
the air was hot and heavy
the sea around us peaceful
There was lust upon our minds
as a veil upon a ...

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desirefollylost lovelovesongwisdomyouth


entry picture

I may forget where I put my keys. 

I may forget my phone.

I may forget what day it is.

I may forget my way home.


I will never forget sunsets over the ocean.

I will never forget blessings from above.

I will never forget soothing melodies.

I will never forget the love.




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Her Heart, My Heart

move a beat binding  

pulse together,

two halves holding

the tailed ricochets

making rhythm this

romantic headache,


hammering allure,


ambidextrous adoring,

we could equally,

elope a pre-set,

picking the pace-

a metronome dragging,

the default off-beat,





I steal the second-

with her heart beating-

with my hea...

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Poems from The Lockdown

entry picture

PRESS RELEASE 23rd April 2020 PRESS RELEASE 23rd April 2020

Poems from The Lockdown

Poetry anthology available Amazon and elsewhere from 18th April.2020

Every country on the planet has been affected by Coronavirus Covid-19, with many countries in Lockdown; where social distancing and self-isolation are now the new normal.   

We at, Willowdown Books, believe this anthology, and other po...

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entry picture

Michelangelo said the work of art awaited him beneath the slab of marble, merely for him to uncover it. In my own small way I understand that as I write these days. The poem I know is possible waits patiently at the other side across a murky divide and with luck and patience maybe I can reach it, reveal it.

Here is  one I wrote about a barbecue years ago in the small town where I lived.



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Every notification I wish it to be yours
They are supposed to be are they not?
For you make me feel what I want so desperately
Then, why do you lie and make me uselessly dream?
I believe you told me "let's continue being weird" 
But a stranger is what you have become
You pop up in my mind without any alarms
But the feeling has me all fuzzy and warm.
Giddy in spirit, I'll tell you why

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broken dreamsBroken heartheartbreakinfatuationlove

Peace and Love

It's a sound you don't hear often

The whisper of peace and solace

A dream bound in resolution

And a warm consoling embrace.


It's a touch you don't feel often

The soft brush of a finger tip

A tactile motion full of desire

And a truly attentive lover's grip.


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what will you call me today?

you define me

an android waiting for command

what you say, goes

let me worship your words

like i do your feet


let me praise you

let every word that slips through my tongue

be of faith towards my god, 

my god is no God

he is a man, she is a woman

every lover, my religion 


i am a faithful disciple

who is defined by your feedback

am i awful? 

am i t...

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We were reckless with love.

Swans dancing on a lake of fire;
unfinished art searching for the

Quiet & loud.

Hungry & fed.

Bones full of broken stars
and twilight;

with the temerity
to traverse galaxies
hidden between the
braille on our skin,

foolish enough to believe
desire this strong would
take a half-life to

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Find a person
that doesn’t make you
burn yourself for them
but soothes you
like cold water
on a fresh burn

Bring me peace
there is enough war
inside me

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