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Death Of A Friend

Death of a friend

Ray Ray, my man Ray

My ray of light at the dawn of my darkest day

Ray Ray, so what a day

A gang of friends but you’re not here to play

Happy stories told, from young and old

By friends across your years

But all I could hear was your own chuckling voice

Telling those stories, that warmed our tears

We met in peril at the end of the road

And formed a fe...

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The Final Kiss

The Final Kiss

The final kiss

Of a love that won’t be

The final kiss

Of a love that can’t be

The pain of knowing, we’re at the end

The pain of knowing, it had to end

But, the love's still there

Still pouring through 

A long slow kiss to the very end

Eyes locked close, as we slowly part

Hearts jumping as we gasp apart

I will always love you, we together say


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A miracle?

Prevented, unplanned, unknown.



4 years later.

3 years old, I can’t imagine,


what it would be like.


is what,

I thought it was.


you can love and let go.

For a reason, everything happens, they say.

Believed, I believe it.

A miracle.

A lesson.

You were a lesson.


I would not be who,

I am,


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Makes us write poems and sculpt marble though inner strength

Makes us knee bend

Makes us difficult to reply to that work email

Because the mind is not free, it is in jail

That jail is a rose prison, with red flowers and hitting thorns

And you received both the keys and the warns

But still, that’s where you want to be.

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"I've never had to deal with someone like you," he said.

Deal. As if I'm another hand that is being shuffled.

I've been shuffled. The card with the crease. You know exactly which one. You pretend like you can't see it, so you keep on playin' it.

Do you benefit from continuing to use me? Not all the time. But when you need me? There it is.

You won.

When you don't need me? Just anothe...

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On Love

Love isn't as romantic as they paint it to be. 

It was not a magical premonition knowing who I'd marry someday. 

It was getting to know you and deciding that on my own terms. 


It was not blazing fire and passion.

It was a gentle touch,

An easy way of  coming into my life.

Like sunshine in the morning, 

slowly illuminating everything on its path. 

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Good Days

God bless the good days.
Days a smile is no stranger to your face. 
Days your favorite songs play, and you sing along. 
Days faith is restored in humanity. 
Days sunshine and fresh air makes life seem fair.
Days you feel the gentle touch of love. 

Good days will see you through tough days, 
down days,
diseased days,
bitter days that never seem to end, 
days you have no friends, 
days ...

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the things you left

You left me

        half-full plant pot ashtrays, old mugs of midnight teas, a jacket you spent too much on, the dregs from cheap red wine, rolled up train tickets, desecrated baggies,

                                                                              and a dent on your side of the bed.

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breakupemotionalemotional painheartbreakloveLove lostpain

Silent Prayers; Delicately Heard

I think

I might like you 

I think to myself on late night lonely trains 

Watching the city lights fade into the distance and wishing 

If only you were here to see it, too


There are worse people to adore than your best friend 

Worse people to know everything about you 

and you of them 


I know you 

Moments you regret

Private jokes and unspoken secrets 

At o...

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You ask if I'm okay,
because I am 
unusually quiet 

I'm just trying to keep memories 
behind the flood gates
so they don't sweep me away
to a dark place.

Thank you for being my escape,
a bright light,
my way home, 
my touchstone. 

Your love helps ease the pain.
I don't mean to push you away.
There are so many things I want to say,
but I must go, feed Jake. 


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Cactus Kisses

Cactus kisses 

butterfly wishes

life is a sink full 

of dirty dishes 

waiting to be 

scrubbed clean

to serve 

love on a plate. 

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Turn back the clock

I wish I could
turn back the clock
rewind the time
not think too much
live in the moment and
let the rest
fall into place.

Turn back time,
dance all night
under the starry lights
and pour my heart out.
Instead of turning my back
to destiny.. and you.

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lovelove and time passing

What is Poetry?

Poetry is my 
drug of choice,

calming rain, 
rays of sunshine. 

an antidote 
to suffering,

waltzing words
on lonely nights,

my lost lover 
in my ear,

of fear,

wind beneath
birds in flight,



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The dawn is breaking,
no sense you're making
leaving me, although
better off I will be.
No one will ever 
satisfy you, until
your heart bleeds through
the tough exterior 
that makes everyone inferior
to the image you see 
in the mirror. 

# # #


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