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entry picture

Snow blind to cowards and a dead canary as tomes time the

towers at the end of everything like real coffin lids,


Stones grind the flowers in an ossuary as gnomes find the

hours aren’t necessary to appeal to the goddesses,


Banging to the autotune as you

hump a slut a week huh?


Breaking through the monotone like we’re

crumbling up the weed bruh,


Devils ask...

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Big SalenemiesholorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Alone in Wander

entry picture

The water fills the silent note and wind feels a dying plant,

I wander ‘til I find a boat, and swim ‘til I find the land,

The monsters in the battle licked with evil and the rain tapped,

A conscience in a candlestick and needle in a haystack,

A coffin in the book we planned, and missive from the heaven known,

I lost it to the Bogeyman and live it with the let and go,

Bidding on a...

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Big Salholorimeno shortlistVerisimilitude: Volume 2wandererWolverhampton Poetry Festival

Fight for the Night

entry picture

I’m chained to the timber by the hunter with a horn,

I trained through the winter, and the summer, and the storm,

I came to the picture of the lovers so forlorn,

It rains on the fissure in the come-up of the morn.



A king that shot his queen is a killer that

killed his near madness,


A dream is not a dream if the pillars are

built on fear tactics,


See ...

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Big Salholorimelogic of evilmoralityVerisimilitude: Volume 2what is right

Happy Thoughts

entry picture

Splashing in the paints in outfits and masks in the devil’s house,

Basking in the strength to salvage the scraps of her mental health,

Strap it on a bison when they’re laughing at a lion as the rooms shake the posts a bit,

Stranded on an island and the planet of the tyrant where the moons make the most of it,

Smite the weak and we will mind, the water’s loam and Heaven’s goods,


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bigotrydelusiondenialholorimepretentious poetsTrump supporters

Controversy Courts Opinion

entry picture

Love the lass that shows she’s strong, but touch her ass and blows are

thrown from a mercurial stance changing out,


Cut the grass and mow the lawn to fuck the past and know it’s

wrong with the proverbial pants hanging down,


A block to run is often fun to cock the gun

with the high sea on the seaboard,


A wad of gum if God were dumb to block your thumb

and you...

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Big Salfuck Trumpholorimeoffensive measuresscorch and burnsupporting bigotry

The Dandy and the Grindstone

entry picture

This story is rich with end games and enemies,

The hand that locks the winter’s latch will talk about the sick,

Euphoria licks the membranes and memories,

The man atop the gizzard had to walk without a stick.


Climbing from his home when so blind to snow season,

Grinding on a stone with no rhyme and no reason,

This land to mine will pass the time when thorough as a washed ass...

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Big Salholorimesurrealist storyVerisimilitude: Volume 2yeah like I said

Keloid Scars

entry picture

Walking through a place of humans and greedy moss that grapples streets,

Wafting on a wave of hubris and weaning off the battle’s teats,

The park and grass are hard at math and live through this sinner’s dream,

A shard of glass and heart of gas that whips through the wintergreen,

Pleading for the wordless, and then glossing up the burnt leather,

Eating all the birches and then cough...

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addictionBig Salemotional traumaholorimemob mentalityVerisimilitude: Volume 2violent end

The Color of a Wing

entry picture

This future of a hundred bones in a sea full of a soap or lye,

‘Tis sugar of a rugged stone from the twinkle of an ogre’s eye,

Emergencies are in power like they’re dead men in a gator glade,

Eternity in a flower but the present on a razor blade,

Greeting visions with a braid and sash like they’re corpses with a morgue lever,

Seeing prisms in a blade of grass and the horses in the W...

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Big SalholorimephilosophyVersimilitude: Volume 2What do YOU think it means?

Mrs. Slocum, Would You Be Mine?

entry picture

She embraced less than middlemen once to feign a price to sell,

She escaped Death’s imprisonment just to gain a life in Hell,

Love the ones that take ‘em home if the homes make love to malice,

But her sons were made of stone and her stones made up the chalice,

A limp jump with witless fucks (this is luck) that kick the dust to then raise a rifle,

A pimp cup and visage stuck, is this...

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Big SalholorimeNew YearThe Tyrian TesseractVerisimilitude: Volume 2


entry picture

The cells and bars are toiling from the navel to the shinbone,

The alquitar is boiling with the basil and the brimstone,

Pissing tests that prisons left to lift the dress and rape the groom,

Kissing Death while missions rest and give or bless the mason’s moon,

Fill the crate with quills and cake or shiller blades as martyrs rest,

Build or break the mill or lake with killers late and...

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an epic argumentdistilled thoughtsholorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Someone Lost a Son Today

entry picture

Trap the ghosts past the roads with paths bespoke by the

savage folk and meritless madness,


Casks of oak last for hope if cash is dope to the

master’s rope and devilish masses,


Blind to grief of best friends with time at peace to lend less

and hide their old quarters now,


Pines and leaves are dead next to line the trees with Semtex

and wipe the whole forest ...

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bleed for youempathy incarnateholorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 2


entry picture

Raining where the ark will lead ‘em with payment for the arts of free men leading to a broken war,

Take him to the arboretum and lay him where the hearts can see him bleeding on the ocean floor,

Towns burn in piles and then blessed be the praise to the words from the gun,

Frowns turn to smiles for when Death sees my face and he turns then to run,

A new song of elation pausing in the cr...

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familygrowthholorimeintuitionNew Yearprogress & pain

Love & War

entry picture

Flowers burn like brush when the tables turn to smack you,

Hours turn to dust and the angels turn to statues,

As honorary as a pittance for those nominally in appearance when they storm the evil lair,

A mockery of existence if this lottery is a business and they form a people’s chair,

Daddy left from his wife and babe with foresight of the snippet sold,

Happiness is a live grenade, ...

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as fair as you can make itBig Salhappy holidays everyoneholorimemore shit happens

Through a Shadow Softly

entry picture

I’m told the dead lie in the belly of the cesspits,

Laughing at the skies and wind,

To hold their heads high in the valley of the headless,

Scratching out the eyes within,

Finally in a place of rot pining for the grace that’s sought and only for the fates of forty,

Find me in a trace of thought climbing up the face of God and hoping for a blaze of glory,

Fray the clothes like bum...

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all or nothingAmerica todaychaos loves companyfree the voteholorimeracist policyshit happensTrump blows

Die a Little More

entry picture

The willows whip the cross with twigs as weather kissed the

Devil’s penance’s better sex with presidents,


Then build a bridge across the Styx and ever since the

evanescence never left the residence,


Testing winds and treading bends with weapon skins when

better dead than laughing though,


Pressing ends and blessing friends with Heaven’s hymns and

never let th...

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bitternessdenialholorimepayback is a bitchrebel thoughtVerisimilitude: Volume 1

Vanity of the Vellum

entry picture

Eradicate the grief in the kissing garden to appreciate the blessed,

Elaborate the weave on existing parchment to alleviate the stress,

Sanity is broken in the night to dread elements and aimless tears,

Tapestry unwoven at the sight of dead elephants and native fears,

Love is in the charter, but the punch is on the brink,

Blood is in the water, but their mud is in the drink,

To k...

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enjoy the ridefree poems and shitholorimelife eh?vainglorious pursuits

Mind Over Matter

entry picture

Rock the raft like a lot of days when you’re sickening a flagon,

Watch your back when you walk away if you’re imprisoning a dragon,

Old friends suit the stone pants to feel they weren’t listless,

Most men use their own hands to build or burn bridges,

Slugging zombies ‘til they drop like they’re walking to the urn or box,

Putting poppies in their pots like they’re bodies in the perma...

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Big Sale-chapbookgrab the bull by the hornsholorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Of Soldiers & Strongholds (Poem)

entry picture

The breeze in our home if our grief is then

owned like the blows of the Shaolin,


A peace is then known with the seeds that are

sown in the rows or the mountain,


Showing us you can’t believe that no one clutched a

body’s heat like a daddy with his daughter,


Growing up a poppy seed and showing love with

stomping feet from the caddy or the corner,


The mothe...

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Big Sal GamesDecember 21 2018holorimeindie artsnew releasepoetry ad because WOL deletes my blogs

Pathway to the Tesseract

Trepidate through sepulchers and save them an apology,

Estimate the integer and awaken the anomaly,

Slip an arrow in their boot when heaven knows gold isn’t rich,

Sipping sorrow like a soup with seven souls sold to the Styx,

Empresses fuck laborers last if they fuck haters with a shotgun,

Ravenous ruckus-makers ravage the muckrakers with the thought gone,

Agitate the notable with...

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2019AcrosticBig SalHolorimeSonnetStructureThe Tyrian Tesseract

Age of Ice, Undetermined Sex

entry picture

Staying where madness sits days with the

gutters bubbling if the skies are gone,


Playing a mammoth rib cage like a

motherfucking xylophone,


Sifting out the crickets from the

pool with their future final,


Kicking out the buckets like a

stool when we’re suicidal,


Rhyming like a lot and then flying ‘til we’re shot with the

Mayans in a plot while the sage...

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Big SalholorimeIce Age philosophyPatreonVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Brothers (Age of Discontent)


To search for steel like a caddy in the rain for more games,

I worked the fields with my daddy until the day the war came,

I climbed up with our fathers in an entry of strict fate,

I signed up at their office and was ready to ship straight,

I blessed a blouse with stitches white as the cover frayed in time,

I left my house and kissed my wife as my brother stayed behind.


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Big SalholorimememorialperspectiveVerisimilitude: Volume 1war

Men on the Moon

entry picture

A colder land in the snow will bleed through in the briar’s path,

I hold your hand as you grow and lead you to the brighter patch,

Seeping through libations and praying when the day came,

Keeping you hydrated and staying on my A-game,

Poured the cup in my eyes and I felt you feel the way I cry,

You’re the love of my life and I’d help you ‘til the day I die,

A set plan like an etc...

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Big Saldedicationfather & sonholorimeMars and backVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Drink to the Alms

entry picture

I miss my home when I’m crashed out in

an autumn for the thrill,


I sit alone in a taphouse at

the bottom of the hill,


Towns ablaze in the white smoke with

bodies heavy on the lot’s grass,


Counting days with knife strokes and

lobbing pennies in a shot glass,


Playing war with bandits as the other

smugglers laugh when able,


Waiting for a challeng...

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analogyBig SalholorimeOld WestVerisimilitude: Volume 1

Nick the Dog

entry picture

Sick of the happy luck sappy in a

daily spell at a solemn table,


Nick was a family mutt happy to be

raising hell like a fallen angel,


Stay blind coming to hopes with bricks to lift

and paid with the human urns,


Canines running the roads with Nick amidst

the shade of the junipers,


Someone passed the building to lick the

cracked brook’s convection,



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Big Salholorimelive and let livemoving onpet lossvengeance

Mohamed Bzeek

entry picture

Away with birds and 40s on a furlough to an office to replay hits,

Today I heard the story of a hero and I wanted to relay this,

When suited with the tar to burrow in a circle with a burnt knife,

A human with a heart of pearl and a world on a turnpike,

Kids in a wheel will arrive hurt with fake fable books and reasons,

If this is real, you defy words and make angels look like demons...

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Big Salcancercollectivededicationelegyholorimekids with cancer

Black Rome

Passion stained and then act ashamed with

homes stacked like they’re cedar,


Gases strained from the acid rain with

Rome black as the reaper,


A bite through the ice when it tries to arise like the

honeyed sounds where snow is,


A scythe in this life with a price for the prize where the

bunnies bounce with no skins,


Try to find lines in the deep with your g...

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American demiseBig SalcorruptionholorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

Laid to Rest

[Verse 1]

The water on the runways bubbling as it suffers too,

A father at a young age juggling what the mothers do,

Playing dumb, days to duck, memory will come if it blows up the rhyme,

Waking up, take the cut, check to see the son if he woke up on time,

He runs up with a zoom on the one-day smile when,

The sun is in his in room as his son lays silent,

He takes him up his hu...

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Big Salchildren with cancerelegyformer rapholorimeloss

Hoodoo Brown Blues

Hidden with the facts is something out of grasp

in the hidden trees and kola,


Whippings on their backs and cutting off their hands

if they didn’t meet the quota,


Turn the page in the spot ahead of ire where

manic soldiers fear the devil’s ardor,


Rubber slaves were the straw that fed the fire like

Spanish overseers in metal armor,


Discord was passed on to...

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Big SalholorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poemsworld history

The Life - feat. Elaine Luna

To smoke the cedar on a stack of freedom with a hallowed jewel,

I rope the Reaper by his neck and lead him to the shallow pool,

Escape from the wrong pains and then weep where the rain fell,

Awake when we bomb trains but asleep on the same L,

Building in a labyrinth to then laugh when killers come around,

Children in a basket as we pass the pillars underground,

Pines in the sky w...

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Big Salcollaborationsholorime

Pretentious (Fake Poets Are Real People)

To slow the bleeding with a rope’s tweed and then the prick side of me,

I know you’re reading what I wrote even as you sit quietly,

Someone told me that they talk their shit next with hands like old leather,

Comment only on the opposite sex like, “Man, I’m so clever.”

You report anyone’s weed sack to stack up their world’s hurt,

You ignore genuine feedback and lap up the circle jerk...

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Big Salholorimekeyboard warriorspretensionVerisimilitude: Volume 1

"Mohamed Bzeek" by Big Sal

Away with birds and 40s on a furlough to an office to replay hits,

Today I heard the story of a hero and I wanted to relay this,

When suited with the tar to burrow in a circle with a burnt knife,

A human with a heart of pearl and a world on a turnpike,

Kids in a wheel will arrive hurt with fake fable books and reasons,

If this is real, you defy words and make angels look like demons...

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Angels Without FeathersBig Salcharity poetryholorime


The book was ripped and flicked to detours in a debatable, deferential loyalty,

We took a trip and did the research with the oregano essential oil free,

Paid Bowker with a toad and the people with my last tweet,

Eight hours on the road with the needles in my ass cheek,

Sitting on the road a while with footing in descension,

Checking on my profile and looking for pretension,


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big salcancerholorimelong way homeroad tripVerisimilitude: Volume 1


You can take the happy and spike

the government’s lore,

Humans make it manly to fight

another man’s war,

Shun the face of crooks if they

pine for their leaders,

Guns replace books in the

minds of the readers,

Once the page pushed on

behind all the cedars,

Burgers in your panza with the

sweets and the cordials,

Murder is the mantra for the

meats and the morsel...

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Big Salfalse idolsholorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

A Chicken Named Girl

Pinewood slabs in the kitchen that stay in the libraries for the

tea and more to then laugh today,


I’m just glad that the chicken tasted the ripe cherries from the

tree before she then passed away,


Rickety boots on brick or beach roofs to stand in a silent storm where the sun’s palatable

rays abound with truth to then see,


Chicory roots or hickory shoots by the dan...

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animalsBig Salholorimepet poetryPressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

Verisimilitude: Volume 1

To pack the bag and skip time for then the crooked will eat kids,

I had to make this shit rhyme just so they wouldn’t delete it,

A few sad looks when deceiving the whole mixture and its every word,

A new chapbook is releasing in November on the 23rd,

Staring at the ceiling too while you run and then breathe among the trees' smoke,

“Verisimilitude: Volume 1” and it’s free upon releas...

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free chapbook comingHolorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 1

Smile for the Day

Smile for the day lost, smile for the time killed,

Smile at the same dross, smile for the rhymes built,

Smile for a halo, smile if your son cries,

Smile if he may know, smile if he jumps high,

Smile if you do right, smile if you may hurt,

Smile in a blue light, smile in a gray shirt,

Smile for the moonlight, smile for the painter,

Smile in a new fight, smile at the danger,


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HolorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poemsthanks everyone

Escape from the Dark

Boogeymen in hoodies and with cookies sent to Santa in the

fire escape,


Should we send the pushy into what could be dens of Krampus with the

criers in crates?


Like a jack-in-the-box having a talk with an axe and the moss

when the monsters never seem to stay,


Right on track in the palms handling the knobs if their hands

are across the honored evergreens today,


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big salHolorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems

To Catch a Firefly

The grass as I arrive is alight in a finite sight kind of like it’s a

friend of mine to decide,

To catch a firefly tonight the right light might shine so bright that the

end of nights is alive.


Mired skies at buyer’s price are a finer prize than water rights or

firefights in a child’s eyes replete with rage,


Fireflies inspire lives to inquire rights on higher lines if I...

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HolorimePressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poemsrecital

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