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you and me 

were meant to be 


in some sort of way 

you planted this tree in April 

and I watched your leaves bloom through may 

your roots they stick to my ground 

and if the sun dries up and there’s no water to be found 

I’ll curse nature in all of its names 

to bring rain 

for us 

only us 

well really, 

only you 

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Love lostloving him

The you and me...

 Since this is the way it's going to be,

I'll sum it all up with poetry...

Where do I even start explaining the way I feel?

I just keep telling myself: this can't be happening, this isn't real.

In my heart it seems there is a sudden void.

You built me up, only to break me down; now everything appears destroyed.

My life's orbit has suddenly stopped- where do I go from here?

I g...

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loveLove lost

when the sirens sound...

when the siren sound of my love casts an endless ocean of dopplers upon me, as though lightening does from above in a brutal storm, my soul, my heart, my everything surrenders to the tantalizing taste of his audible delicacy. created from one, the one, the one love lost to the sea of the dead and the to the disease of greed still for me it is pride which fills my chest as i lay to rest to the swee...

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loveLove lost


I've got green stained knees 
they remind me of you.
its the color of what once was your room
that you always said you hated,
yet you never bothered to paint it.
where we stayed up till 4 am
dreaming of our future flat.
visions of blue walls
and pictures of waterfalls
because you were in to that sort of thing.
Now I'm laying in the summer grass
as God’s tears come trickling down,

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The Trap


Im trapped. 


I can can bang on the walls but to you it just sounds like a knock on the door. 

I can scream until my breath runs short and my lungs hurt but to you it just sounds like a whisper. 

My eyes think it’s an open door and that I can walk right through but my heart shows me that it’s bullet proof glass and I’m only going to hurt myself if I try to leave. 


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HurtwomanloveLove lost

Woulda - Shoulda - Coulda

I know

I woulda - shoulda - coulda - done better

Could of been a better man to you

Oh baby, for this I am sorry - sad but true

But you know as I know - as everyone else knows

You - shoulda - coulda done better by me too

And if you woulda - I just might have been a better man for you



We both shoulda known better

And yes

We both woulda - shoulda - coulda done be...

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PoemLove lost

A walk in the garden with Juliet (How many Romeos have you killed?)

Hey, Juliet, your time has come and you’re alone.

All your childhood dreams have grown and your still standing in your sequins.

Reflections prompt so many questions while loosing your religion:


Maybe you shouldn’t have listened to your mother?

Could Romeo have been disguised as another,

Simply passed over as just another lover?

Always searching for the ideal partner…



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poemLove lost

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