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World Mental Health Day // October 10th

These days can be gloomy
and this is where you keep saying sorry
for the things you did not do, don’t worry.
Maybe everything is out of place right now
and so, you have rights to have some space
and even time for yourself to breathe in a normal pace.
I know, it hurts, everything hurts 
but don’t give up and put yourself first.
Everyone is always one call away
and I promise you that they w...

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mental health

Feel Like I'm Crazy

Feel Like I'm Crazy

The doctor tells me "it's Fibromyalgia"
I've never heard of it before
But I think finally I have an answer
For all of my pain
But it doesn't take me long to decipher
It's something that they can't explain
Do they think that I'm insane?

They don't understand it
There is no cure
It's a curse not an answer
And I don't know how much more of this I can endure

They ...

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Abandoned Houses

Take me to the woods to rip out my soul -

Kill me and bury me in a deep, dark hole.

Kiss me,


In abandoned houses,

Listening to my heart scream -

Drowing out the loudness.

Photos forever of jumping trampolines,

And a mother suffering silently,


Sleeping on the floor with the sick kittens -

Wondering where I put the sandwich I bit in

Which tree...

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Fight or Flight

Black Dog.  Stalking me.  Matching

every step.  Haunting

my shadow.  Nanometre

before manifestation.


My psyche cringes.  Ruin’s

proximity creeping fear

into me.  One false move.  One

trip.  One fall.  One turn against

the flow, the stalking dog bites.


And I press on.   Walk with fear

behind me.  I’ve been knocked down.

I’ve got up.  I’ve re-built lives.


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The Room

The Room 


It's smaller on the inside,

Come and be my guide.

The lock shrinks the place, 

to such a tiny space.

The space is retreating,

It stops your heart beating,

Room starts swimming,

Constricting air thinning.

Can't help feeling sickly,

I need to get out quickly,

It constricts your chest 

Lead weight thermal vest.

Sweat covers my brow,

Need to get...

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Must touch once, twice, thrice!

Otherwise I must pay the price!

Penetrating thoughts that won’t go away,

Compulsions that haunt me day by day,

Anxiety comes, anxiety goes,

Got guilt, depression and so much obsession.




Please leave me!


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What can you see?

What is a disability?

Is it there for all to see? 

Do they look a little special,

Or just a bit like me. 

Maybe there is a wheel chair,

Crutches or a splint.

What about the eye patch?

Is there just a little hint?


What about that limp he has?

Or the crooked looking stance?

Some just look so ordinary.

They can even dance.

Some they think imagine it,


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bipolarmental healthPsychosis


-Would you feel better

          if you had a label?


I probe the air with my left eye, spy

socratic poker face with my right -


she can't see me, just case notes;

I, unidentified, somewhere between


the sighing beige of the walls

and the dirty carpet, stained


with confessions, some sharp enough

to draw blood, others hollow and


unyielding. She te...

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mental healththerapy

Knock knock...

Knock knock...
It's the door.
Don't come to the house,
Invasion not wanted!
Heart pounding, 
Shaking chest.
Discussion not needed.
Privacy counts. 
Sweating palms,
beaten brow.

Knock knock...
It's the door. 
Keep away 
allow freedom.
Blind with panic
Screams deathly quiet.
No need for checking on.
Perfectly capable self.

Knock knock...
It's the door.
Tension of a coiled spr...

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Take Steps

Don't worry if the path you travel is crooked, 
your destination is not clear, 
the turns you make misguided,
the route a little obscured. 
Each step you chose to wander, may be a step too far,
but the journey shapes your future and makes you what you are. 
Past steps they are not wasted, they shaped your inner soul. 
They led you to your future, 
guided an inner goal. 
Every inch is wort...

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Inspirationmental health

Preacher - Are you there?

The preacher man was there.
Advising, guiding providing prayer.
He keeps himself hidden away
Wise words from him today.
The better place he beckons me to 
transcendent mythical city for few.
His heaven is closer dragged in. 
Going along he can never win. 

He isn't there 
He is no where
He is strong
He is right

I am weak
I am lost
I am gone
I am here

The preacher man was there...

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Mental healthvoicesPsychosis


There are challenges we face that others don't see,

may never experience, never understand.

Invisible mountains we climb alone,

oceans we swim feeling out of our depth.

But we do it. We fight it. We beat it.

Mental health recovery is a journey,

a destination that requires focus, bravery and time.

For all those who face it every day...


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Death Part II

The reaper has come to pay me another visit,

I thought it was the last time we will see each other again for a long time as I thought I was feeling fine.

But I was a fool to think this, I asked him what crime have I committed?

Death laughs at me, he asks me, why do you think you have done something wrong to see me,

I paused and thought he was playing a game,

He likes doing this, as ...

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deathbipolarmental health


For 4 years now, I have been dormant,

Not through choice, along this way, I have lost my voice,

Through a dead romance that has extended its warranty,

I need to end this, as if I don’t, I will never be able to get to my wish,

The needing of  feeling free,

The reason why I used to love being me,

I used to make people laugh,

I would act rather daft,

Silly, unpredictable, risk...

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Dont Quit


I sometimes wonder where I would be if I didn’t have that voice inside me,

Telling me I should give up, I’m not worth it, I’m ugly, stupid & fat,

That voice inside me screaming at me, making me feel I have to see the local quack.


The screams get louder and louder, while I become weaker & weaker,

However, what that voice don’t know, is I get more eager,

Eager to win the bat...

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I feel trapped inside a cage,

The longer I am in this, I feel the rage,

It builds and builds without any time for notice,

It will become too late to know what I am heading for,

When its unleashed it will become known to everyone making everyone feeling sore.


When this mad and manic phase comes,

It will be too late for the innocence’s,

When I am manic, ...

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The Waiting Room

Sat here waiting
Stupid posters on the wall
Like knowing 1/4 matters
Mental health for all. 

The chairs are stained and dirty,
Water fountain broke,
Magazines outdated.
Even leaflets on a stroke. 

The receptionist she mumbles,
Or is it the glass screen,
Protects her from the patients, 
Ring bells - they are unclean.

Mental or a leper,
It really doesn't matter.
You're all in thi...

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Written Off

Your a Kraken, a gorgon, a monster.

You don't bite,

It's not even spite.

You maybe don't know the damage you do.

Screwed over, discriminated against, scrap.

That's what I am. 


My life is crap.

I can't prove them wrong,

It's stolen away.

No chance of change.

Never mind - I am mad anyway.

Who gives a toss?

I am really no loss.

No one will even notice,


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