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What I Never Told My Students About Descartes

When teaching Descartes, I dutifully described his dualism in detail.

 I discussed his importance as the father of modernism,

But also his common ground with scholasticism.


Together we examined the ways he attempted to prove God

And the reliability of both mathematics and his own senses.

Also, some biographical information including his early education,

Military service, tra...

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a toast to the afterlife

here’s to the afterlife —

what fate does the day after The Last Day hold?

doubt ,

doubt consumes man’s faith .

down into the depths of the pit

my mind descends ,

down to the caverns ,

the walls closing in .

the light dwindles ,

crushed under the weight of this apparent reality .

hopeless and helpless ,

lonely and tired .

beaten down by the endless sorrow .


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poetryyouthteenagersCollegeblind faithfaithgoddoubtsaddness

Goodbye Lord

Its been a hard road

You helped me build.

Im grateful.

You got me through

Some dark times.

I thought you a light,

A torch in the darkness,

But really

It was my magic.

My fire.

My light.


They told me you were watching

As though it was a comfort.

And I tried

To feel helped


I tried so hard

To give you the love

I was told you created


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Simon Bette's Cry of the Lost Lamb

On thy knees

Prays the lost lamb, reborn anew.

A young man of God with white 'round his collar.

Often he looks to the father

I look to the father

And I pray for more fun.

A son of God must have more to do, anything more interesting

The population of this city churns

Wishing that they could be more than what they are now

The lambs cry as I once did

I must not recall


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Connor Lannesgodinternetlambreligonselfharm



now start breathing,

everything around is around for the same reason. 

Catastrophe, catastrophe its all the same feeling

i'm too old to move on, i'm too old to keep dreaming.


When to move on is to grow and to grow is not leaving,

in a promise land we grow, and speak of the same reason

we speak of heaven and hell like they're not the same demon.


Well to move...

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Beliefmodestymodestlifeepiphanyrelaxopen mindgodheavenhelljesuslordpoempoetryreadreadingwritingwritewriterlyricschillreligiondrugs




If she is omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipotent;

Then I want to meet her creator’s creator’s creator,

After all, lest we forget, the belief in creationism is infinite……


Curator of secrets. A fraud.

Plagiariser of Buddha. A dictator.

A hypocritical book to dissect,

A lot of information to correct.


Now let’s not try to kid ourselves and pretend to belie...

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religionfaithatheismno offence takengod

Morning Call

Bend all ears oh My worshipers!
Your heyday has come.
The time when thee are invited by Me.
Each one solely.
Bestir to commemorate Me.
Rise to advance towards Me.
Stir up to acknowledge Me.
Wake up to bow before Me in supplication.
I am at hand to thee,
At this point of time.
Considerably closer than any other hour.
Take a single stride towards Me,
And I shall sprint in thy route.

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Blessed with Worldly Poverty

Can you imagine waking up every morning to slave for a wicked house?

Im at the lowest part of my life in this world,

But the highest point in my life with God.

Im poor

Yet rich.

Im oppressed

Yet free.

I am a slave

Yet I am proud to slave for the Most High.

I cant complain even though I dont have much.

I thank God for what I have.

I have not in this world,

But I ...

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ChristGodMessiah12 TribesIsraelElect

I am Certain

In every city, I go.

In every country, I have been.

The Star and the Cross hope,

That he will be with us one day.


They call him by different names,

And claim him as theirs.

Both preaching similar faiths,

Both saying they are correct.


One says he is yet to come,

While the other hopes for him again.

One says he is the son of God,

While the other says, he wi...

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judaismChristianitypoetryfaithcorruptionMessiahCrossStarLoveHateCertainI am CertainGodJesus


Two guests are in your heart

you can tell them apart

by what they desire.


Which will you feed?


The one who desires greed


The one who desires to cater

to the ...needs

of others. 


By Lynn Hahn

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Why chop down this tree

of honor

The greatest gift God

provides is our children


If we are lucky enough

to have them

And privilaged enough

for them to want to spend 

time with us

We have been given riches

beyond any material reward


To take a hatchet

and cut down the 


Is beyond foolish

Better to cut off your

right arm



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Brittle banks of ice
Against my taunting toe,
Cracking and seething
To be so uproariously

Against the yellow
Of the setting sun
Through a smog that
Lays thick across the

Jets of black trees
Shoot dark into the sky,
Mimicking the wind
In their jostled, whipped

The wind that churns
The bowing branches
Bites the lobes of
My ears, uncovered an...

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5 AM Thoughts

I'm a victim of your emptiness 

But you sure know how to fill me up

With your dick that it is

You don't speak 

But you choke me like I'm breathing all of your air

I no longer have air and you no longer have words

We're drowned by the sound of me struggling to breath

You encapture my lungs because they surround my soul

You are my Satan, I call you master

You've created me...

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