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The worshippers queued every day

at the simple sign: "live this way."

No-one seemed to notice

that the sign had been turned around

and the majority were simply led astray.


One man, curious discovered the truth

and watched the simple sincere mistake

that all humans tend to make.

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Votive Offering

Votive Offering


the flame was bright

it danced in the dark

the wax dribbled down

the sides of the candle

and hardened

on the slate table

we peeled it off

and placed it

in a pewter bowl

flakes of candle wax


we lit another candle

it was red

the wick was long

and the flare

from the flame

shone just as bright

as the candle

we had lit


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Fairy Cakes

Fairy Cakes


They believed in a mythical being,

who supposedly loved his creation.

Omnipotent and all seeing -

His will needing no explanation.

They followed his lore from an old book

written by disciples raising the stakes -

that one thing they just shouldn’t cook

were those sinful and bad fairy cakes.


“Good will to all men” they proclaimed

(but the women di...

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Jesus wept for the likes of you

who take the message and spread it thin

'til all that remains is a hollow gourd

the holy grail in place of the Lord


but spread the word and watch your back

in case the spirit conceals a crack

devotion is a sticky web

and the edge is sharp on the holy sword.

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The greedy God is a needy God

offering paradise to those

who would make a body count

in a violent misshape of fate


for needy Gods need sacrifice

to justify their cause.

What God creates he takes away

while man creates his laws.

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The Other Bloody Mary

No way honey!

That answer forever

Cause I can see your heart beating -

Beating out of your chest

When I undress,

Beating out of your chest when I am there.

No way honey,

Never never!

Cause you’re fresh out the holy water,

Fresh out Mary the mother.

Can’t corrupt the white light, the earths hope, world’s might!

Can’t let you give in, lose course, all in the name of ...

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I will not be defined by ancient Gods,

or the archaic teachings in their books.

I will tread warily around their words

and avoid the hidden traps and snaring hooks.


I will not stand behind a coloured flag

and spout my blunt imperialistic views

or drape it on a coffin when I die

or burn it on the early evening news.


I will not make a choice that’s...

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Fruit In My Fist

Lips: like cliché cartoon roses.

Yes, red.

But open up my mouth,

Those lilies will  -   snap.   -   You.  -   Up.

Thorn in your side.

I think we used to fly with the bats,

The doves always ended up on our dinner table,

I told you it was chicken.


You choked me with Amen,

You squeezed me with your hand for grace,

For grace, from grace I fell

Down from the heaven...

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A poem for Ashraf Fayadh

Saudi courts, your rule of fear is finished
- the sentence on this poet negates your faith.
Your hollow incantation "God Is Great"
is plainly false if God can be diminished
by lines of verse. Should murder be admonished
to Ashraf Fayadh, forevermore his fate
will hold as evidence that you're afraid 
of poetry. Frankly I'm astonished:

astonished that a land so steeped in culture,
in li...

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