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Left ventricle
Right ventricle
Steady pumping
Beats out 
Biological rhythm
Never stopping
She's gone 

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Love lost

Going, Going, Gone

Push the button, light the cord
Too slow
Quiet storm
Operator, switchboard! 

Say hello, say goodbye
You say yes
You say no
Operator, standbye!

Hold a look, try realign
Hold your hips
Kiss your neck
Operator, hold the line!

Hold my hand, send me images
Magic beans
Pied piper
Operator, accept all charges!

Tried, couldn't reconnect
Mumble, stumble
Lost for words
Operator, d...

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Love lost

I Can't

All is peaceful and still and then, in the back of my mind

It begins.


It travels like a wave, slipping silent over my head and

Around my heart where it stays and waits.


But for what does it wait and for how long will its

Patience last before it leaves me for good?


In spite of these uncertainties and my fear of its leaving again,

I still welcome its coming.



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Blue boy

O how you sweet were your poisonous lies, my love

How they made me give every single piece of me

How you them made me willingly drank all the poison in

That all I can ask myself is why

Why play with my heart if you never intended to respect it?

It will forever be a mystery for me that people like you can exist

But for the boy with the blue in his eyes

with the desperate love i...

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Love lost

Your emptiness

Do not fill my empty

Because you are emptiness in itself

Do not praise my beauty

Because my beauty should be there without your praise

Do not say you love me

Because loving me is what I should do

Do not make me yearn

Because yearning makes me so sad

Do not make me happy

Because when you go my happiness goes

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Love lost

Bride and gloom

How could she go

cause her daddy wasn’t far away 

unless she really wants 

to kiss to this sad song 

the difference is we both wake up

to the cadence of a different love 

then I am made like the villain 

I only want a peaceful morning 

do you remember when 

I saw you fucking him again 

don’t you forget 

to say you’re sorry

the bloom is off the rose 

let’s fin...

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Eyes so dark like drowning in molten mystery 
Your stare shatters my resolve
A seraphic touch played its music on my skin
Your hands lead me into danger
A rhythmical voice that unburdens my heart
Your song confuses my mind
A remembered dream that torments my sleep
Your face impregnates the screen
Once my lover now my friend
Your silence screams at me
Betrayal bites the hand that fed...

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BetrayalconfusionLove lost

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