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A Worlds End

Hello guys, I have a poem here that I have entered. It makes reference to space and distant galaxies and such, so I have included the latest track I have produced to go alongside it. It doesn't have any vocals to the track and is only there to add to the experience of the piece. I hope you like both the track and the poem.


A Worlds End


     I sit here, my quest stone - broke

My ...

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Dying PlanetSpaceloneliness


I'm lying awake at 3am

Why am I never intoxicated with positivity? 

Why aren't I a fountain of enthusiasm?

Why can't I see the euphemistic light in this unilluminated darkness?


I'm lying awake at 3am

All of my uncertainties are overwhelming 

The formidable anxiety I've become acclimated with seeps in through open wounds

And yet I've learned to find tranquility in this res...

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My greatest decision was to give my heart to nobody, but it resulted in an amazing loneliness. I created a safe haven. A comfortable place in my head, where words couldn't reach and prying eyes could never see. But with the gain of comfort, there came a sudden, unexpected loss of understanding.

       I began to look for answers in places I had never dreamed existed, places that only exist in t...

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The Night

The daytime creeps upon me

I see it and walk towards

I have been waiting for her 

But it burns to love

She fades to black

My fury inside

My darkness of soul

I realise the truth

But feel no sorrow

And in the beginning of life

The universe said

You are the night

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The Destroyer

I can't do anything 

Even when I try

It is destroyed.

It's my fault I can't fix it

They're relations 


Crushed her heart

Crushed his soul.

Miles away I screw 

Things up. 

Not to mention my problems

At home. 


Could it all be worth it

Is it all just an illusion

What's the purpose 

When I only destroy. 

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At Clanricarde Gardens on a stuffy summer's night

I dropped a waitress at her flat

on a considered whim though undermotivated,

and she asked me in.


Through the marooned shell of a hall

and up the stair, no carpet

to soften the tread or tame

the lighted glare.


It was never designed to be a conquest,

she was dumpy and plain

and all the music wrung out of me


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When the remnants of defeat are strewn about the floor,

Covering my ripped and battered boots,

Crick and cracking evermore,


When my wounds burn and blister from the heat,

To drag my heavy soul to the depths of darkness,


When the mirror shatters to pierce the life that was lived before,

And hope dissolves into the sea,


When my dead, cold heart da...

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Betrayal stabs like a dagger,

Cutting slices of my heart into 10 million scattered pieces,

The open wound lingers eternally,

 Blood clots clump into a swamp of hate and anger,

The horizon does not rebirth the putrid, frozen tissue,

Feelings of filth and deceit seep through every cell of my dying body,

The bond that was once so strong rots into the sewage of what ...

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From The Light Into The Dark

You stand before an empty horizon,

The silhouette of the trees running sharply across the bottom of the sky,

Eyes fixed on those soulless, black shapes in the distance.

Your gaze wonders up – slowly. The sky transforms before you

From the light into the dark.


The moon hangs – trapped in the dawn of engulfment,

The ground beneath you is dim – stretching to meet the light.


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